Kylie Jenner to Deepika Padukone: Get some bathroom ideas from these celebrities

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While celebrities enjoy standing in their bedrooms, gardens, and interior closets, their bathrooms are often the areas of their residences that the public doesn’t see often. However, as people are spending more time indoors lately, we have seen many looks in the personal spaces of both Bollywood and Hollywood actors via Instagram updates posted from their homes. Celebrities are used to taking snapshots of their bathrooms and dressing rooms thanks to their participation in the #SafeHands challenge, indulging in mirror selfies, and posting step-by-step videos of their skincare routines. Take a look at some of the most beautiful celebrity bathrooms in the world, from Kylie Jenner’s spacious vanity area to a gorgeous view of Deepika Padukone’s spotless space with traditional touches.

Deepika Padukone gave us a glimpse of her stone-cut bathroom during the 2020 lockdown, despite the fact that she and Ranveer Singh have been posting pictures of their nearly Mumbai home. The room is dominated by creamy white walls with elaborate carvings that match the massive mirror surrounding the star. Here, a sleek silver faucet and a flat modular sink create an intriguing contrast to the formal setting.

The supermodel spent an entire year building her new $5.8 million New York City apartment, which includes a unique bathroom. The top of one of the walls in this room is covered in a colorful mosaic from The New Yorker’s linen, which serves as the room’s focal point. Hadid’s rest of the quirky bathrooms are decorated with clean furnishings and black and white marble walls.

Decorated primarily in white, Kylie Jenner’s pretty bathroom features a large oval bathtub next to an ivory lounge chair. The remaining space consists of polished counters, clean cabinets, and gray tile floors. The open area has glazed windows that let in plenty of sunlight and open to the garden view.

In addition to a fresh coat of paint or the addition of patterned wallpaper, you can enhance the ambiance of your bathroom with expressive artwork, innovative storage solutions, and other existing decorative touches such as rugs. Likewise, Katrina Kaif feasts in her primary bathroom. The room has a washbasin cabinet, wall hooks, a glass shower enclosure and wooden shelves that give it a chic and elegant look. It is a complete extension of her cozy home.

Are we the only ones who noticed that Selena’s bathroom has a hallway? You deserve and need as much personal space as you can have when you’re that much managerial. Every room in her $4.495 million Calabasas home is impressive, with the toilet getting special attention. Check out the glass-enclosed steam shower, oversized whirlpool-style bathtub, and wall arch features.

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