Kentuckians chose to remodel homes instead of selling to

LEXINGTON, Ky. – House values ​​have risen by 20% across the country, according to research from Zillow earlier this year. Homeowners decide to remodel and make improvements to their current homes to increase value instead of selling their homes. That makes home improvement companies in Kentucky like N-Hance busier than ever before.

What you need to know

  • N-Hance is a home improvement company based in Lexington, Louisville and northern Kentucky
  • Kenneth Koger serves as the owner of the Lexington location in N-Hance
  • Home improvement trends affecting Kentucky homeowners are floor varnishing, cabinet paint and cabinet varnishing, and door replacement
  • Koger says the difference between remodeling and replacing features like cabinets can cost $ 12,000

There are three popular home improvement trends happening right now in Kentucky. It includes floor varnishing, color of cabinets, cabinet varnishing and door replacement. The trend is what keeps 21-year-old Josh Stump on his toes.

“I’m doing something else [home improvement project]almost every day, ”Stump said.

Stump is the lead technician for N-Hance, starting right after high school. The Lexington-based home improvement company makes 3-4 home improvements a week. Stump is originally from Georgetown, but has spent the past four years working in Lexington for N-Hance, saying he’s busier than ever with cabinet improvements.

“All the drawing glass and boxes are removed, so pretty much everything you see in the kitchen is covered in paper and plastic. The only thing that will be shown when we’re done taping is the wooden frames,” Stump said.

Lexington’s homeowner, Paul Cantrell’s kitchen, before the home improvement team begins finishing his closets. (Spectrum News 1 / Diamond Palmer)

He relies on his team helping him lay paper and plastic to protect homeowners’ appliances and floors before painting continues. Stump also relies on homeowners like Paul Cantrell to choose the color of paint that best suits their closets.

“We’re happy in the area and we do not want to move, and this is just a way to get a remodel or a refresh of your kitchen at no cost,” Cantrell said.

Stump says that for a project like painting cabinets, it will only take 4 days. According to Zillow, 6.2 million homes are expected to be sold during this year. Which means homeowners like Cantrell can save thousands.

(Left) Josh Stump talks to his colleague as he places plastic over customers’ appliances. (Spectrum News 1 / Diamond Palmer)

Koger is happy to guide clients like Cantrell on the best home improvement option that will save you money. Koger says replacing cabinets can cost up to $ 15,000, but a simple paint refresh with them costs around $ 3,000, a difference of $ 12,000.

“If you provide a fresh new kitchen, whether it is freshly painted or fresh new cabinets, you will not lose value on your house. So when you have a buyer who comes in and looks at your house and they look at your closets and say, ‘Wow!’ Guess what? The $ 15,000 does not come from the top, ”said Koger.

Koger says remodeling instead of replacing is the next best thing for homeowners, especially given current housing market demands. N-Hance also operates in Louisville and northern Kentucky to make home improvements.

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