Keep Tahoe Blue (and Green and Gold)

When Sacramento-based interior designer Rebecca Plumb was invited by clients Lisa and Jeff Pardo to help reimagine the vacation home they were remodeling in South Lake Tahoe (a getaway they named Camp Golden Bear), she realized the palette wouldn’t be as dull as the brown scheme on Brown that dominates many mountain cabins.

Above the bed hang paddles hand-painted by homeowner Lisa Bardot. At his feet was a seat that was re-covered with a Mexican blanket. The art chosen for the gallery wall evokes the woodland setting of the home. Photography by Jeff Pardo.

“They’re both amazingly creative and a lover of color,” says Plumb, who actually helped design a cheerful studio space for these two high-profile art couples. (She’s a graphic designer; he’s a photographer.) “I knew they wanted something different; you should feel like them.” Inspiration came in the form of a vintage striped Pendleton blanket, which resulted in bright color options: saturated shades of blue, green, and gold with some red accents. The hues create a playful vibe, reminding visitors that this is a destination where fun is the goal.

The antique blanket and wildlife pattern above the bed are from Sacramento Antique Faire.  A pair of rackets, one of Lisa's discoveries, is a reference to free time.
The antique blanket and wildlife pattern above the bed are from Sacramento Antique Faire. A pair of rackets, one of Lisa’s discoveries, is a reference to free time. Photography by Jeff Pardo.

“We knew we wanted the cabin to have a vintage camp feel,” Plumb explains. “My job was to make it feel as elevated as possible while still feeling like a Tahoe. When people go to vacation homes, I think they’re looking for something ambitious. In this age of Instagram, they want a quick moment from their vacation.”

Designer Rebecca Plumb used gold paint on the ceiling and across the top of the wall as a way to “add color without saturating the room, so it stays light and bright.” Photography by Jeff Pardo.

Plumb worked in close collaboration with Lisa, who helped refine the source’s color and accessory choices, and Jeff, who did a lot of the building and “poured his entire body and soul into this space.” Together we have managed to create an exhilarating space that evokes a whole new way to see and experience Tahoe.

Plumb explains that the Nood Co.’s pink concrete tub “was our little nod to something fun and different.” “It softens the other colors in the room.” The bathroom’s wood accents, a reminder of the home’s jungle environment, come in the form of veneered teak tiles from Indoteak Design. Photography by Jeff Pardo.
Plumb, who bemoans that bathrooms are often neglected places in vacation homes, designed this bathroom with luxury in mind. “This is supposed to be an escape,” she says. Fireclay wall tiles dominate the space with a color called—what next? — Lake Tahoe. “Gives you the feeling of bathing in the lake.” Photography by Jeff Pardo.

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