Just like last year, the new dormitories on the North Campus offer luxury but social isolation

Three new dormitories tower above the low-rise building following the additions to the North Campus Residential Expansion project this year. Residents of Hu Shih Hall, Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hall and Barbara McClintock Hall shared how their new homes remind them of large hotels, but come with social disadvantages from living in an isolated environment — a trend for new college housing.

The NCRE project envisaged not only 2000 extra beds for freshmen and sophomores, but also comfortable spaces for studying and socializing with friends and other residents. Last year, the university added two new dormitories with similar modern amenities, but residents also reported feeling lonely and isolated.

The lounges in the new dormitories feature brand new TVs and other amenities, including a mini kitchen. The actual rooms are no exception to the modern innovations of the new halls, paved with hardwood floors and lined with ample strips of adjustable ceiling lighting. Students have settled in with ease in what feels like a five-star hotel.

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