JC Huffman Cabinetry hosts ‘Ho Ho Ho Holiday’ events every Friday, Saturday

FAIRFIELD — JC Huffman Cabinetry in Fairfield has announced it will host a series of indoor Christmas events to raise money for a local charity.

The store, located on the western edge of Fairfield at 3100 W. Burlington Ave., will host what it calls the “Ho Ho Ho Holiday,” celebrated every Friday and Saturday from the 25th-26th. November to the weekend of December 16 – 17. From 5.30-8.30pm on these days, the public is invited to get a free photo with Santa, along with a free ornament to place the photo in, as the photo will be printed right then and there. While they wait, guests will be treated to a complimentary cookie and hot cocoa.

Proceeds from this event will benefit Little Superheroes, a Fairfield-based nonprofit that provides financial assistance to families with chronically ill children. Christie Kessel founded the organization after her daughter, Valerie, was born in 2014 and diagnosed with chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction not long after her birth. Little Superheroes distributes grants throughout the year and has helped more than 100 families since the organization was founded in 2015.

Although many of the activities at the “Ho Ho Ho Holiday” are free, JC Huffman will be able to raise money for the fundraiser by paying for a few things, one of which is the hot cocoa bar that, in addition to having small cups of hot chocolate for free, will offer larger sizes and add-ons like caramel sauce for a fee. The company will also sell containers of hot chocolate for guests to take home.

Company employee Chasity Huffman said her company has hosted a few events before, such as Business After Hours, but nothing like this.

“This is new territory for us,” she said.

Inside the store, there will be a station to purchase baked goods, courtesy of three local bakeries: Breadtopia Bakery, Bountiful Bakery and Farm Girl Bakery, the name of Deb Petersen’s business.

“[Petersen] is opening her own bakery now and she will supply a lot of the items such as cupcakes, sugar cookies and reindeer feet,” said Chasity.

Chasity said that after factoring in the hot cocoa, container and baked goods, the company needed another way to raise money for Little Superheroes. She gave her father Jim the idea to make snowflakes out of wood and sell them.

“I showed him a picture of snowflakes I liked and he built them,” Chasity said. “I put them on Facebook and after seven hours I had sold seven of them.”

Chasity’s mother Teresa, who owns the business with Jim, said she is looking forward to hosting an indoor event this holiday season.

“This will be a good thing for Little Superheroes and the community, not having to stand out in the cold,” said Teresa. “We think it will be a hit as everyone can be warm and socialize with people they haven’t seen in a while.”

“We’ve gotten nothing but positive vibes from the community after announcing this,” Chasity said.

JC Huffman Cabinetry had been involved in the Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce’s Santa House events, including converting the old Santa House into a decor store and building a new Santa House in 2019. However, she said her company just had a different vision for event from the chamber, and thus decided to host his own Christmas events in the store.

Teresa Huffman, left, and Christie Kessel display the wooden snowflakes that JC Huffman Cabinetry in Fairfield is selling to raise money for Little Superheroes, a charity that Kessel started in 2015. (Photo courtesy of Teresa Huffman)

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JC Huffman Cabinetry in Fairfield is selling these snowflakes to raise money for Little Superheroes. (Photo courtesy of Teresa Huffman)

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