Jaipur Living Unveils Carpets in Several Categories at HP Market

The new Orenda collection features heirloom-quality designs of muted old world styles and uniquely updated.

ACWORTH, Ga. Global carpet and upholstery company Jaipur Living is introducing new rugs in the handwoven, hand knotted and natural categories looming at its upcoming High Point Market, along with several new pillow collections.

This includes additions to the company’s designer editing software that is only available to interior designers.

rug sets
golden This collection blends comfort, warmth and modernity. The Ciana flat woven rug is crafted from jute and wool for a soft underfoot foundation. The strong fibers create the perfect accent piece for high and low traffic spaces such as entryways, halls, living rooms and dining areas.

leona This texture-rich collection offers a variety of updated kilim looks, reinvented with sophisticated cut style and modern, neutral color palettes. The handwoven Essek rug features a globally inspired pattern of beige, striped and tribal on a neutral cream base of 100% wool.

a matter – This new addition to the designer’s edit offerings is made of wool and silk. The Amoret collection combines timeless hand knot technology with the oxidation process for a modern look. The oxidation process creates a relatively diverse yet luxurious high-low pile.

Orenda – This set features heirloom-quality designs of silent and uniquely updated Old World patterns. These handwoven wool rugs anchor living spaces with a fresh take on antique style.

Salinas Vibrant and neutral colors are interspersed with this collection, along with intricate details.

Samira Featuring a vibrant and updated traditional design, this collection is perfect for anchoring spaces with a rich dose of color and style inspired by all around the world. Handwoven from durable wool, this rug has an old-fashioned feel and texture.

Seurat Another addition to the Designer’s Editing suite, this one features precise linear textures and natural colorways. The Foxlin area rug includes a frame and dash design for an exciting dose of modern appeal. The textile wool pile does not contain pigment, which reflects the natural colors of the sheep, for a rich and inherent palette of cream, gray and brown.

Harman Natural by Kate Lister Well inspired by travel designs, California-based designer Kate Lister has joined forces with Jaipur Living to launch the Harman Natural collection. This handwoven assortment features a blend of cool-toned wool fibers mixed with warm jute tones. Easily designed, this zone provides texture and warmth in medium to low traffic areas such as sitting rooms, formal living areas, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

When it comes to looming rugs, Lester has also partnered with Jaipur Living to introduce the new Harman Collection, a variety of vintage textile designs on digitally printed rugs that are tough enough to stand up to heavily trafficked spaces like entryways and halls. Kitchens and living rooms.

So This pillow set includes an assortment of handwoven pillows with a viscose fiber sheen on the front that has a soft, neutral style. The back of the plush bedding displays the washed linen.

heights – Boucle These pillows offer rich texture and modern versatility for beds, sofas, and living spaces. Detailed fringe edges and the light, neutral tones of wool fibers create a soft landing in any cozy corner.

montane The handcrafted collection fills spaces with a modern Moroccan vibe and high-quality craftsmanship. This rich assortment of pillows features fine wool and silk blends and the quality of Persian knot.

Jaipur Living’s High Point showroom is located on the third floor of the Showplace.

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