Island Home Interiors creates elevated coastal designs for this treasure-cost home

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“Just do your thing.” Few interior designers hear such affirmative words from a client, especially for a complete home renovation. When Joelle Ebanks’ company Island Home Interiors was given full creative control over the makeover of this bright Treasure Coast home in Stuart, Florida, she was thrilled. His client had fallen in love with her brother’s home, which Ebanks had designed, and wanted her own blend of coastal and contemporary Florida aesthetic.

Style is the core DNA of Orlando-based Ebanks’ Island Home Interiors, launched after years of honing its eye at design firms in Naples, Florida and Washington DC Here in the Sunshine State , she was able to fully indulge her island roots by reimagining classic coastal style. “When it comes to design, I gravitate towards things that I grew up seeing in Jamaica,” she explains. “I love anything natural, with organic shapes, especially when juxtaposed with modern.”

These elements carry over to her client’s new home, where Ebanks has composed a palette of beach cottages with linen canvas walls, sky blue hues, cool linen upholstery, wicker detailing and accents. coral-inspired finishes. The designer has infused these typical coastal materials with a more elegant twist, whether incorporating more streamlined furniture silhouettes or experimenting with wall panel designs. The result is a sunny, effervescent home that suits the client’s love of entertainment. “She gave me design freedom, and in the end it worked for both of us,” Ebanks says with a proud smile. “She loves showing it to her friends and family, and I love showing it to the world.”

Formal living room

Island Home Interiors creates an elevated coastal design

The designer’s reimagined beach theme begins just beyond the front door, in this serene formal living room. Along with soft blue accents and white linen walls, Ebanks incorporated warmer organic textures — like custom cross-wood ceiling beams and wicker accent chairs — to balance out the cooler hues. Style-wise, Ebanks combines classic coastal details, like natural linen sofas and ocean photography, with more contemporary pieces, like the oversized marble coffee table. “I generally tend to select pieces that work together harmoniously – metals, stones and greenery – and a few pieces that stand out for contrast,” she notes.


Island Home Interiors creates an elevated coastal design

Wearing the same sky blue hue at the heart of the home, the center island becomes the most eye-catching detail in this chic kitchen, with hanging lanterns in a matching tone hanging above. “It was a really fun way to introduce color without overdoing it,” Ebanks said. Elements of glamor – like the large waterfall marble island counter, graphic stone backsplash, and brass finishes on the sink faucet and cabinet door handles – further enhance these details.

The dining room

Island Home Interiors creates an elevated coastal design

Ebanks didn’t sacrifice coastal charm when composing the casual and practical family room. The use of pale leather upholstery on the plush section helped bring the otherwise overwhelming room into harmony with the room’s beachy feel, with flap walls, patterned curtains, warm wooden furniture and decorative coral. “Finding the right sectional for her took more hours than designing the whole house!” laughs the designer.

Main office

Island Home Interiors creates an elevated coastal design

In this contemporary office space, a blue oriental rug and bamboo leaf herringbone wallpaper provide contrast to an otherwise understated palette. “I loved the color variation,” adds Ebanks. “It added so much warmth to the space. When you touch it, you feel the real knots of the bamboo. The surrounding decor accentuates this textural quality, including the beaded net chandelier and the warm wood carvings.

Master bedroom

Island Home Interiors creates an elevated coastal design

Ebanks reinterprets the house’s signature panels in the master bedroom by creating a chevron pattern on the far wall, painted in Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams. Cushions in complementary shades of yellow and blue provide pops of customer favorite colors. A woven-textured headboard, caned bench, and chandelier accents with whitewashed wooden flutes emphasize the tactile quality of the space.

Main bathroom

Island Home Interiors creates an elevated coastal design

The dreamy bathroom can only be described as sheer opulence, with its brass fixtures, mosaic floor and large crystal chandelier floating above the decadent tub. A serene photograph of rippling water completes the feeling of utter relaxation in the space. “I wanted the space to feel like you’re in the spa of a five-star resort, but in your home,” Ebanks said. Mission accomplished, indeed.


Island Home Interiors creates an elevated coastal design

A typical Treasure Coast home wouldn’t be complete without a Florida porch patio, and Ebanks took full advantage of the home’s generous example. The designer has created a festive oasis by carving out gathering areas with modern wicker furniture, from poolside lounge chairs to a classic peacock chair. A matching sofa and chair set also surrounds an outdoor coffee table designed to mimic the textured look of Staghorn coral.

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