Is there a Squamish company that helps with fire prevention?

With more of us moving indoors for the winter, Brandon Higgs of Higgs Fire Protection Ltd shares. some advice on fire safety.

Several fires around Squamish have been a stark reminder of the importance of fire safety to residents.

As the colder and darker months come, the likelihood of fires breaking out in homes increases as heating, decorations and candles become more common, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

Brandon Higgs, a locally registered fire protection technician who recently started his own fire protection service called Higgs Fire Protection Ltd., spoke to The Squamish Chief about several ways residents and business owners can be proactive about their fire safety.

He said an important factor to consider for fire safety is to be prepared with a fire plan: knowing the multiple routes to exit a home safely.

“It’s really just having a plan and knowing how to get out,” he said. “Try to make it fun with the kids, right? Turn off the lights and get out of there.

Higgs added that seemingly basic things like having smoke alarms and fire extinguishers checked and maintained are often forgotten.

“I get it all the time. “Holy, Brandon, it couldn’t have been a year,” he said as he checked in customers. “Time flies, so it’s one of those things you want a professional to look at.”

And speaking of fire extinguishers, Higgs added that having them in a few places around a house can be helpful.

“If you told me you had a three-story house,” he explained. “I’d tell you to put one in your closet in your room, one under your kitchen counter, and one in your garage.

“Because heaven forbid you go to the top of the stairs and you can’t go down because there’s a fire.”

If anyone in Squamish is unsure about the preparation, Higgs said his company provides numerous fire protection services to residential and commercial customers.

“I offer all fire protection services: fire suppression services, emergency lighting services, fire alarm services, sprinkler services, backflow, fire plans,” Higgs said.

Although Higgs only started the company last year, he has been a licensed firefighter since about 2007. successful company.

‘You are the accountant and the technician and the salesman; you do all these things,” he said. “I learned the business side of it… I certainly knew a little bit about it, but there was a lot to learn.”

But he said he gets much more satisfaction from working locally.

“I wanted to help my community a lot more,” he said. “And I was able to help our community and that means something to me.”

For more information about Higgs Fire Protection Ltd. to or email [email protected]

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