Interior tips for the home: 7 color and design trends for 2022

The modern Indian customer with heightened awareness and fame carefully considers every element when designing a home. This has led to multiple new trends and ideas emerging in the interior design ecosystem for designing a perfect home.

To capitalize on these trends and meet customer needs, new age sellers are also moving from traditional closed stores to open modern store formats. Home decoration is an industry driven by both needs and trends and today people are willing to spend money to create a sustainable home with a lot of style.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Venkateshwar Kumar, Chief Executive Officer, Retail at IBO, revealed some key trends that will be in fashion in 2022:

1. Modern Color Palette and Elements – The customer’s taste changes from more flamboyant colors to neutral colors. A neutral color scheme gives the house a look of classic elegance and gives the house a warm look. Some of these choices have been influenced by greater global exposure. For example, customers who have spent time in the US or Europe prefer white and neutral colors such as brown, beige and gray. In addition, they use many contemporary materials such as glass, stone and cladding in their homes. At the same time, dark colors and high-gloss product finishes are being replaced by lighter, traditional colors and matte and semi-gloss surfaces.

2. Product Trends – Modern customers are selective when it comes to choosing materials and furniture for their home and looking for quality goods and services. Unlike in the past, when price was the main factor of choice, today consumers spend time understanding the technicalities of a product and are willing to pay more for quality and finish. There is a tendency towards sustainable interior elements. Another important trend is that consumers no longer want maintenance problems (eg waterproofing) to hinder their daily lives and are looking for sustainable solutions for the long term.

3. One-Stop Shop Fulfills Decor Needs – Modern consumers are looking for open formats where they can touch and feel the products. They want all their needs covered under one roof, complete price transparency and the convenience of online shopping.

Katta Charvee Reddy, Senior Manager – Retail Design and VM at HomeLane, explained how in the past two years, since the pandemic, we’ve seen drastic changes in behavior that have led to changes in preferences, and mentioned the few changing trends you’ve seen this year and maybe opt for a fresh start in 2022:

1. Bold Color Choices – Away from neutral and subtle tones, this year is all about mixing a combination of color ease that is more experimental in nature. Pantone color of the year ‘Very Peri’ is the right example, a purple-blue shade with undertones of violet-red. A choice that is not safe, but is more expressive and daring. Wall spaces in every home become a canvas to express yourself and set the mood.

2. Do-it-all space – A flexible inspiring multi-purpose space is being adopted as a trend, such as reinventing a living room into a social hub and then a WFH zone or a children’s play area. Therefore, the room is preferred with a combination of light and uplifting colors. Color blocking techniques can be used to make a space more flexible.

3. Cassphere – Over the past two years we have seen people get closer to nature. Materials and colors are selected in search of an escape from every day. A chair with a green velvet accent, greens for backsplash and greens with antique handles for kitchen spaces are some design trends that will transform your space.

4. Methodical Living – A place for everything and everything in its place, spending more time indoors has led many of us to have organized and smart storage for everything we own. Smart use of appliances and strategic placement of storage are mainly seen in the kitchen. Having high gloss finishes that are easy to maintain, scratch resistant surfaces and a concealed handleless look is preferred when pursuing a tidy lifestyle.

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