Interior designers share 6 bedroom trends, 5 out of the season

Interior designers say that trends such as round furniture are present in the interior and “headboards” with protruding walls will be released this spring.Svet_Feo/Shutterstock; Krista Abel/Shutterstock

  • Insider asked interior designers what bedroom design trends are coming out this spring.

  • Custom headboards can add interest to a bedroom and four-poster beds are back with a modern twist.

  • White bedrooms, matching sets of furniture, and “headboards” with protruding walls are fading in popularity.

Trending textures of sheepskin and fur.

Gray and brown sheets on the bed with sequin pillows and a fur throw with a green arrow pointing to the throw

Fur throws can easily add a cozy atmosphere to the bedroom.JR-stock / shutterstock

Lindsey Jamison, principal interior designer at Rumor Designs and HGTV’s 2021 Designer of the Year, told Insider that fluffy fur fabric is trending in the bedroom this season.

“We are seeing sheepskin, fur and faux fur appearing in bedrooms because of the extra comfort and convenience these materials provide,” Jamison said.

You can try this furry trend with area rugs, pillows, accent chairs, or blankets.

Round bedroom furniture in spring.

A bedroom with light green walls, brown chairs, a round white bed, a round side table and a round rug

Circular light fixtures and round rugs can also add to a relaxed, organic atmosphere.Svet_Feo / shutterstock

Add softness to your sleeping space by swapping out rectangular furniture with round pieces.

“Bedroom furniture with rounded edges is big now,” Jamison said. Curved headboards are especially popular.

Wellness areas are a hot bedroom trend.

Sofa with yellow cover and gray cushion beside an end table with candles

Create a quiet area in your

Interior designer Brittany Farinas told House of One Insider that more bedroom designs include wellness spaces.

“Whether it’s a separate yoga spot or a quiet meditation corner, bedroom wellness is definitely trending,” Farinas said.

If you don’t have extra space to allocate to a sanitary area, try using calm-promoting colors and textures.

Custom headboards are a fun option.

Bed with white sheets, three red and cream patterned pillows, and cream and dark wood headboard

A custom headboard brings a unique style to your bedroom.Andreas von Einsiedel / Getty Images

Custom headboards are a major spring design trend, said Susanna Watts, owner and principal designer of Swatts & Co Design Studio.

“We’re seeing more custom headboard styles, including headboards with built-in bedside tables and channel tufts,” Watts said.

You can even offset some of the cost of running a custom piece of furniture by working with a local company to design your own headboard.

Featured ceilings this season.

A bedroom with a bed with white sheets, a white wardrobe, a table and green curtains under a wood-panelled ceiling

The accent ceiling is striking and full of character.solepsizm / shutterstock

Although the popularity of dotted walls is fading, Watts told Insider that dorm room ceilings are having a moment.

“Choose an accent ceiling in your favorite color or use wallpaper for an extra personality,” Watts said.

For a more refined look, consider remodeling the roof or installing a crown molding.

Umbrella beds are becoming increasingly popular.

Metal hanging bed frame and yellow flower covers

An updated canopy bed is on trend this spring.Roberto Westbrook / Getty Images

The classic canopy bed is refreshed this spring with cleaner lines and modern materials.

“Umbrella beds are a big trend this season,” Farinas said. “Imagine a metal frame hanging with fabric draped over it, not a traditional four-poster bed.”

Use airy fabrics and a minimalist frame to make your canopy bed look mature and elegant.

On the other hand, diamond tufts look dated.

Pink headboard with diamond tuft on bed with white, yellow, pink pillows

It’s time to ditch the diamond-encrusted headboard.Mirage_studio / Shutterstock

Trends like the diamond-encrusted headboard are becoming out of fashion.

“The diamond tufts were over-detailed in the early 2000s, and now these headboards look very old,” Watts said.

Rather than opting for the diamond pattern, Watts recommended experimenting with channel direction (vertical tufts) or even busting the entire wall behind the bed.

White or gray bedrooms are no longer in vogue.

A bedroom with white sheets, a white wardrobe, white walls and a door with red arrows pointing to the closet and the door

An all-white bedroom can seem boring.John Cable/Getty Images

Bright colors replace white and gray as a vibrant spring design.

“We’re seeing fewer neutral white bedrooms,” Watts said. “People are starting to crave color in the bedroom.”

If you don’t want to completely remodel your bedroom, Watts recommended adding a few pops of color through curtains and pillows.

Layers of multiple pillows can seem overkill.

Bed with white sheets and multiple layers of pillows

The class pillow throw trend may finally wane.Daly and Newton / Getty Images

“Maintenance of multiple layers of pillows can be tedious and they often get dumped on the floor,” Jamison said.

Plus reducing your pillow collection can make making the bed a lot easier.

Jamison recommended using two standard shams and a large cotton pad.

Headboard to accent wall outside.

A bed with white sheets and blue pillows, a side table with a lamp and a gray wall with slanted panels behind the bed

Choose a traditional headboard or consider using removable wallpaper to create a non-permanent feature wall.Krista Abel/Shutterstock

Decorating with a wall behind the bed instead of the headboard is a faded design trend.

“Featured walls lock you into a single pattern and can’t be rearranged,” Watts said. “Plus, you can’t even see them when you’re in bed.”

Get rid of matching furniture sets.

Bed with wooden headboard and light green and white sheets with matching wooden side table and desk with red arrows pointing to the furniture

You can stop worrying about coordinating your bed frame with your desk.Gaf_Lila / shutterstock

Swap out your matching furniture combinations for a more detailed approach.

“Mixing nightstands and dressers with different finishes and textures adds interest and makes the space feel eclectic,” Jamison said.

Shopping at thrift stores or flea markets is often a great way to find one-of-a-kind pieces that don’t break your budget.

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