Interior designer Audrey Schick shares her bedroom secrets

Overlooking the greenbelt, views of nature inspired Audrey Scheck’s bedroom design.

Austin, Texas Design-Based Design Audrey Scheck of Audrey Scheck Design works on both residential and commercial projects nationwide. Her approach fuses new and vintage styles, a major design theme that has dominated homes lately. Home Accents sat down with her today to talk about one of her latest bedroom designs and gain insight into what makes her come back to shopping retailers.

Home Accents Today: Can you describe the bedroom design strategy pictured above?

check: This basic bedroom overlooks the family’s backyard that supports the greenbelt. Given the view, we drew from nature when creating the color palette for this space. Green linen curtains help guide the eye seamlessly from the windows to the greenery outside.

HAT: What are some of the hottest colors and patterns that have been popping up in bedrooms lately?

check: The saturated earthy tones are definitely having a moment right now. We love the deep maroon, olive greens, navy blue, and dusty pinks.

Hat: Who are your favorite sellers for bedroom furniture and accessories?

check: For furniture, we love Burke Decor, Serena, Lily, Lulu, and Georgia. For custom furniture in fun colors (like the lounge chair in this room), we repeat Shoppe Amber Interiors out of Los Angeles. For bedding and pillows, we love the Vintage Rug Shop and Collectiv Co. Our favorite artist for big or small pieces is Aileen Fitzgerald based in Austin, Texas. When it comes to statement pieces, we frequent local antique malls and flea markets to curate items that speak to us.

HAT: What are some fun and unconventional client requests that you had to incorporate into their bedroom?

check: No matter the room, we always try to add color to spaces that help break up the neutral tones throughout the house. Most of our clients have light hardwood floors and white walls, so we try to incorporate furniture and color accents that can help bring their spaces to life. We are based in Texas and have had many clients request that we incorporate taxidermy into their basic bedroom designs. It actually ended up being so much fun. We love a good challenge here!

Bold-colored fabrics, furniture, and accessories break up the neutral tones of the light wood floors and white walls.

HAT: What emerging needs do you see for clients’ bedrooms – more storage space?

Check: More multifunctional features/dual task spaces – coffee shops, etc., things like that. We are receiving more and more requests for comfortable sitting areas in the bedrooms. Given the number of people working from home, it only makes sense that there is a growing need for comfortable lounge areas around the house!

HAT: What makes a retailer stand out from you as a designer and keeps you loyal to their store?

check: We gravitate towards retailers who have quality products that will last for many years. I love the idea of ​​holding on to meaningful pieces and passing them on between generations. To this point, we also like the retailers who have a collection that looks both current and timeless. We try to stay away from anything too trendy.

HAT: What is your personal bedroom style? Anything unique you have in your home that readers might enjoy reading about?

check: My personal bedroom style is a warm, layered and inviting space. Mixing the new and the old is a must for me, and I have several pieces in my personal home that were passed down to me from my grandmother. In addition to wearing her wedding ring as me now, I also have several old cans in our kitchen. She was a home economics teacher who loved to cook, and I have no doubts that she would love to have her in our kitchen!

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