Interior design experts reveal the five hottest trends for spring 2022

From color clashes to curves and patterns, interior designers share the top five trends that are on the rise this season

From bold florals to upholstery, your home will be ready for warm weather in no time

Finally, it’s that time of year when you can open your windows, enjoy the sunshine and let the fresh air in – yes, spring is here and perfect weather is in order for a perfect home.

The spring season not only calls for a spring cleaning, but also offers the perfect reason to bring some freshness into your home. Et., to help you brighten up your interiors and harness those positive spring vibes at home, Amy Wilson, Interior Designer for 247 Curtains and Lucy Ackroyd, Head of Design at Christy, have rounded up their top interior trends for spring. 2022.

1. Clash of colors

Colors create a sense of opulence and otherworldliness in your interior


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This season is all about bigger, bolder colors – think Peaky Blinders and Bridgerton. Where we once needed soothing, soothing tones to provide comfort at home, we’re now ready to be braver – with pops of color appearing in everything from new paint choices to accessories like curtains and sashes. cushions.

“Don’t be afraid to play with contrasting colors! Just make sure to keep the tones the same and the patterns limited,” advises Amy.

“Start by changing out or salvaging your sofa cushions, then consider a bold statement in your window frame by painting your window opening in a bright coordinating color, picked from the fabric.”

Lucy agrees: “Spring being the season for new beginnings, incorporating bolder tones into your interiors might just be what you need to embrace this! Choose fiery red bedding or an ocher yellow throw to add drama and chic to your home.

Aaron Markwell, Color Guru, COAT Paints, explains color clash using the example of Bridgerton and the show’s whimsical color palette: “Color clash gives a sense of escape. In one of Bridgerton’s boudoirs, we see paneled walls in a combination of candy pink and oversaturated duck green.

“This combination of pastel and vibrant colors creates a sense of whimsy. You can create that opulent, otherworldly feeling in your interior, and the key to that is choosing contrasting colors that have a similar undertone.

2. Pattern

Choose botanical-inspired bedding to inject that warm spring weather into your bedroom



The patterns for the SS22 are on trend just like the color – strong, bold and striking. Stripes are a bold and timeless option for window and floor coverings and fit easily into existing room designs.

Lucy suggests, “Elevate your interiors with pattern by adding depth and bringing that element of surprise into an otherwise ordinary space.

“Patterned accessories such as botanically inspired bedding or delicate floral wallpaper can bring character to your home and blend in with the surrounding environment.”

3. Green

Green can be added using props, plants and upholstery without having to break out a can of paint



With weather notoriously unpredictable like ours, bringing greenery indoors can create a feeling of warmth and comfort.

“This season, green is trendy in all its forms. Plant potted plants on a shelf, in a window, or place one on a coffee table with your usual scented candle and stack of interior magazines, for a bit of indoor ambiance,” Amy shares.

Lucy says, “Nature-inspired interiors are one of the hottest interior trends for 2022. Green is easy to incorporate into your home because its softer tones, like sage or deep forest, are reminiscent of a sense of tranquility and can bring a touch of modern zen. inspired touch to your interiors.

4. Curves

Soft, cocooning, gentle waves and plunging curves are dominating soft furnishings as well as interior design at the moment and the trend is also being embraced by the high street. “Expect throw pillows with trim, ric-rac wave paint as borders, and curved chairs that look like a hug,” Amy shares.

5. Self-care sanctuary

To recreate that spa experience in your bathroom, focus on soothing color hues to set the right mood.


247 Blinds)

The pandemic has brought about a significant change in our homes and our way of life. As our homes have had to adapt and become multifunctional, our lifestyle has become hybrid and personal care has taken a back seat. But now it’s time to start thinking about removing the desk from the bedroom and reclaiming this space as the calming environment it should be.

Amy says, “In the bedroom, lighting is key to ensuring a good night’s sleep, the ultimate act of self-care. Blackout blinds, combined with soft bedside lamps and lovely blankets layered over the bed, will help you fall asleep gently and give your bedroom an elegant hotel-inspired look.

Lucy adds, “To recreate that spa experience in your bathroom, focus on soothing color hues to set the right mood. Tones like navy blue, brushed gray and Sorrento pink for your bedding are timeless and elegant touches that can promote tranquility in an intimate environment like the bedroom.

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