Interior decorating tips: ideas for designing an inviting living lobby

The lobby of a residential building creates the first impression and so it is important to make it attractive and appealing as visitors may have to wait in the lobby for a while. Interior decorating experts recommend putting some effort into designing or decorating doors or environments regardless of size and since it is a waiting area it is imperative that it is comfortable, inviting and chic.

Each building has its own identity, but the first impression of the apartment building has an impact on tenants and visitors. That’s why it needs to look its best, because you want it to have a positive and long-lasting impact that people will remember fondly. Whether you opt for a Victorian, contemporary, minimalist or any other style, you should do your best to create an inviting lobby to welcome residents, guests, and most importantly, potential homebuyers or renters.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Charu Gupta, director of L’ Institute De Dessins (LIDD), suggested: “Guests sitting and waiting should sit in a comfortable chair and be able to read and relax at the same time. Creative lobby interior design can make a great first impression and create a welcoming and comforting entrance for residents, owners and guests as they climb the stairs or wait for the elevator, regardless of the size of the building.”

She listed some tips for designing a lobby for residential buildings:

1. Artwork – Must be interesting to coordinate with the wall and furniture.

2. Candles – Delicate scented candles and decorative lamps create the perfect warm atmosphere in the foyer.

3. Carpet – Improves the look of your lobby by adding color to the floor. It will also break the expanse of the floor.

4. Ceilings – Are usually high and can have an intricate shape design with chandeliers with long drops, in addition to lighting they will act as a work of art.

5. Color – Palette should contain warm and inviting tones. Combining neutral tones like white or ivory, accent it with green-yellow, aqua blue, purple or a subtle gold that adds color and looks striking.

6. Columns – Incorporate them into the design in a spectacular way. Turn them into a beautiful gallery and display murals and framed artwork, perhaps even an interesting sculpture that adds color and glamour.

7. Concierge – Counter is mandatory for mail delivery, parcels on a regular basis it is a good idea to have a space.

8. Control Panel – An elegant console surmounted by a large work of art or mirror. You can emphasize it even more with scones on each side.

9. Flowers – Placing natural and fresh seasonal flowers on the entrance or on both corners of the front doors is really inviting. It adds color, life and a lingering fragrance to any space. You can also place houseplants on the corner of the lobby for an aesthetic look.

10. Furniture must be properly selected. Take comfort into account when choosing chairs, sofas, ottomans or benches. You can add coffee tables, side tables, maybe a magazine rack. It’s also a good idea to install a coffee maker and water dispenser while your guests or some delivery guys are waiting.

11. Lighting – Good lighting in the apartment lobby and right outside the building makes anyone entering or leaving feel much safer. With huge skylights, the lobby can be completely drenched in natural light during the day. Illuminate the lobby with different types of fixtures. Floor chandeliers, table lamps, sconces and candles are good options. Install lighting on separate switches and with dimmers to vary lighting levels, for reasons of safety, decor and aesthetics.

12. Maintenance – Daily maintenance is a must, especially during heavy rainfall, which brings mud and dirt. Rolled out rubber mats protect floors and prevent people from slipping and falling.

13. Mirrors – Full length mirrors with an intricate yet exotic frame with scones on either side add glamor to the room.

14. Security – In buildings without a doorman or concierge, it is a good idea to install a deadbolt key system or a magnetic card or fob key system for security and safety. CCTV video camera to record all the comings and goings is a good idea.

15. Wallpaper – Add a custom subtle design for that stylish and welcoming look.

According to Hetal Jujare, interior designer and founder of Aarcs Interior Design Studio, here are 8 simple tips to brighten up the lobby space of a residential building:

1. Provide security at the front door – The first thing to greet the residents and guests should be the guards. Security speaks to luxurious experience for the residents and also for guests. Having someone to check in bags, luggage and packages gives you peace of mind and a sense of security.

2. Provide elegant staff uniforms – A team with elegant uniforms that match the theme and atmosphere of the building is one of the most important aspects of the building’s discipline. It is important to choose clothing that is business casual, which makes the staff look neat and sophisticated, but also approachable. The most important factor to consider is that the uniforms should be clean and odorless.

3. Lobby Color Combinations – Add an accent color to liven up your lobby design. Choose colors and materials that match the function and you get a welcoming entrance. Try incorporating lighter shades to give it a relaxed feel.

4. Lighting is essential –

i) Recessed ceiling lights: Place these as a dimmer and timer, so that the lighting can be dimmed during the day. The lamps can also be connected to Time so that electricity can be saved at night.

ii) Overhead lighting fixtures: Depending on the size of the lobby and the size of the ceiling light, you will probably need more than one.

iii) Table lamps: Avoid table lamps as they may not be noticed due to the traffic area of ​​people.

iv) Floor lamps: Avoid floor lamps as activities nearby can damage the piece.

v) Wall sconces: A wall sconce can provide both upward and downward lighting, which is especially useful near elevators and doors.

5. Add a touch of nature – Nature is always a stress reliever. Adding natural touches not only adds to the quality of the place, but also improves air quality and people’s quality of life, as they feel more productive, energetic and positive. Planters, dish gardens, bonsai plants, and pretty flowers are all good choices.

6. Use sturdy materials – As a lobby it is a place for everyone where personal care is neglected. Therefore, choice of material is considered a very important part of it. Choose such materials where durability is a necessity. Few examples of material used for luxury lobbies are metals, veneer, laminate, tile cladding, Italian marble etc. Try to use water resistant materials.

7. Install a quality piece of furniture – It is essential to have strategic furniture in your lobby so that people can sit down and rest, whether it be waiting for a driver, waiting for a friend or communicating with the receptionist. Choose high-quality items that offer both comfort and style.

8. Signage and Signs – A lobby is not complete without the signage. Lobby signs and reception signs provide an excellent way to use the otherwise bare walls. Reception boards invite customers and guests into your space, introduce guests or owners to your brand and create a warm and inviting environment. Also, the signboard introduces the neighbors around which each family comforts.

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