Inside the escalating horror of IKEA’s ‘The Uncreakening’

IKEA, through the Chep Network, is helping to overcome the fear of squeaking at night.

The furniture store wants to reiterate that squeaky furniture is not to be feared. It simply needs to be retightened. So on Halloween, the scariest day of the year, IKEA released ‘The Uncreakoning’ in the guise of a horror movie.

The 23-second commercial depicts a spooky night in a family home, focusing on a dark and empty master bedroom. The audience’s attention is drawn to a presence waiting under the shadows of the bed, only to realize it’s just the mother fixing the winch and winches with the help of a trusty IKEA allen wrench.

The campaign launched across Australia on 31 October 2022.

AdNews spoke with CHEP’s creative director, Rate of: “The Uncreaking is all about raising awareness of an important practice that many of us rarely think about – retightening furniture.

“When it comes to our beloved furniture, people start to worry if they hear it creak or see it wobble. But it’s not necessarily the end of that product’s life, for the most part it’s still perfectly good furniture. just needs a reset

CHEP copywriter, Robert Boddington: “Screws, nuts, bolts and other fasteners naturally loosen, which means that, over the years, all furniture slowly starts to lose the grip it had when it was first assembled.

“Retightening is easy to do and can help keep parts out of the furniture graveyard. IKEA actually reminds people to rearrange their furniture in their assembly instructions.”

CHEP Executive Creative Director, justin rubensaid: “Uncreaking is a great way to debunk the fear of squeaky furniture and encourage people to fix it rather than replace it.

“Launching an audio-focused idea on social platforms that are traditionally seen as sound seconds forced us to think more creatively about how we could leverage subtitles.

“We upped the horror factor by using descriptive captions like ‘werewolf’ instead of just ‘wolf’ and ‘terrified scream’ instead of the normal ‘scream’. This ensured a great viewing experience with sound on or off.”

CHEP art director Jack Robertson talks about the creative strategy of incorporating a horror trope into what will later be a humorous and lighthearted campaign.

Robertson: “The creepy, creaky furniture trope has been used in horror movies for decades. We’ve hijacked it to create surprising PSAs hidden in short, spooky movies that replicate classic ‘ranger’ moments. And what scarier date to release than Halloween? It felt like a good time to make this message relevant and fun.”

creative director at CHEP, cass jam: “People think they’re watching a Halloween movie, then they get a message reminding them to ‘unlock’ their furniture at home.

“All communications took viewers to a hub where they could read more about retightening furniture and purchase IKEA tool kits. The Uncreaking was the perfect blend of entertainment and education.”

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