I’m an interior designer – renovation changes you should make if you want to sell your house fast

WHEN you’re selling your home, you want to get the best value out of it – and sometimes that means fixing a few rooms before you put it on the market.

Brea Elles, interior designer and HGTV star, has revealed which spaces to remodel when you’re about to sell your home.


Brea Elles revealed the changes you should make to your home before selling itCredit: Bernlo / Brea Elles
You'll want to splurge in the bathroom


You’ll want to splurge in the bathroomCredit: Getty

“There are spaces that get the most traffic and that’s your bathroom and your outdoor space,” she exclusively told The US Sun.

“These days outdoor spaces are becoming so popular – neighbors are competing with neighbors to see who has the best outdoor space and so on.”

Here is more information on spaces to remodel before selling your home:


When it comes to the bathroom, you want to focus specifically on the bathroom floor.

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“Due to the nature of the room, it’s a wet area, you want to make sure there’s no water damage,” Elles explained.

“Removing the shower pillow, replacing it, and putting it back in place is essential.”

She noted that every time she had to redo a house, she would discover water damage in the bathroom.

As a rule of thumb, if floors have been there for more than 10 years, there is most likely mold and water damage underneath.


“After Covid-19, a lot of people are spending time outdoors and a lot of people are connecting to this outdoor space,” she explained.

“Updating this space will add value to the sale and resale of the home.”

This means making sure that your green spaces are always perfect, that your furniture is suitable for your lifestyle and that you add certain touches that people are looking for these days.

If you can add a pool you should go ahead as it will pay off.


“Having adequate storage in your home is essential,” Elles told us.

When remodeling, you want to make sure there’s storage in every room of the house, whether that’s adding closets, cabinets, or furniture.

“Most of the time houses can have it all, but if they’re running out of storage, it’s not worth as much as possible,” she explained.

Nobody really wants to move into a house and find they have to buy more furniture than they need because they have nowhere to put their clothes, linens, or tools.

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“A lot of times people have these colored walls in a room and it really devalues ​​the house because it looks messy.”

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She specifically talks about mixing a lot of colors in one piece, so you’ll specifically want to stay away from yellow, red, and blue.

And you don’t want to paint every wall a different bright color either – you can choose a color and then add some finishing touches to the room that don’t involve painting a new wall.

You'll also want to make sure the outdoor space is in top condition.


You’ll also want to make sure the outdoor space is in top condition.Credit: Getty

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