I’m an interior designer and people make the same 10 mistakes in their bedrooms – accent walls and using red is the worst

An interior designer has revealed the 10 most common decorating mistakes you make in the bedroom and why accent walls should be left in the past.

Arvin Olano, from the US, shared the most important bugs in a video uploaded to YouTube – and asked people to stop doing it.


A design expert has revealed the 10 common mistakes people make in decorating their bedroomsCredit: YouTube / Arvin Olano
Red bedrooms remind the design guru of 50 Shades of Gray


Red bedrooms remind the design guru of 50 Shades of GrayCredit: YouTube / Arvin Olano

The expert said the first thing you should stop doing is paint a random accent wall in your bedroom.

He explained, “There’s nothing worse than an accent color in a bedroom where it feels very detached.”

You may have been tricked into thinking that a distinct color would give your bedroom the color it needed but the expert disagrees.

If you want to add color to your bedroom, Arvin recommends adding it through textiles and using different shades of sea color to create depth.

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And if your bedroom is red, Arvin will be very disappointed because it reminds him of 50 Shades of Gray.

“Unless you want your bedroom to look like a brothel, red isn’t going to be the color to put in your bedroom,” he adds.

Arvin’s next victim is sputtering, a textile technique that creates “diamond” shapes in fabric.

While you might think it’s cool to have all of your furniture in a tufted design, the expert said, “Cut it.”

Instead, choose one or two of the pieces and leave the rest of your furniture alone.

Maybe you thought matching bedroom furniture was the right thing to do, well, you thought wrong.

Arvin explains that he seems lazy and doesn’t do anything to show off your personal style.

By the same token, headboards that are too high do not give a sense of luxury and instead look awkward, especially if your walls are especially large.

The interior decorating expert also said that you can easily deal with patterned fabrics in your bedroom.

“It’s easy to spoil a room when you’re introducing patterns without knowing what you’re doing,” he adds.

Too many pillows in the bedroom is another common mistake people make.

Although it may seem cozy, it often ends up looking messy as Arvin says, which is impractical.

But, Arvin said not to leave it all lying around because it ends up looking like a hostel bed.

Arvin recommends, “Add bulky textiles through the quilt, quilt, and maybe throw a blanket over it.”

When decorating a bedroom, your primary focus is usually the bed, nightstands, and possibly the dressing table.

But the expert revealed that it is important to include a dedicated area where you can sit and relax to elevate your bedroom.

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Finally, the professional designer said he’s removing floating bedside tables from your bedroom because they remind him of a “simple hotel.”

“It’s going to look like you’ve gone the budget route and not in a good way.”

Arvin says large headboards are unnecessary and look awkward


Arvin says large headboards are unnecessary and look awkwardcredit: Getty

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