I’m an interior designer – 5 things that make your home look cheap and why IKEA furniture should NEVER match

EVEN if you spend a fortune on rugs, furniture, and accents, the wrong style choices can make your home cheap.

According to interior design experts, the solution is a simple one – follow a few simple rules to spruce up your home’s interior quickly.

Choosing the wrong rugs and furniture can make your home look cheap, experts say

The decorating experts at Homes and Gardens have shared five mistakes that can ruin the look of thoughtful home decorating.

Luckily, the solutions don’t require a lot of money to fix.

“Even if you’re decorating on a budget, there’s no reason your space should look cheap,” the experts wrote. “In many cases, the things that make a house look cheap don’t even reflect wealth.”

Take a look to see if you are to blame for these design flaws in your home and learn how to fix them.

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For example, the size of your furniture matters a lot more than the price, especially if the room is noticeably smaller or larger than others in your home.

“Disproportionate furniture will make a house look cheap, almost like you threw everything you had together and hoped it would work,” designer Amy Youngblood told the outlet.

Tiny furniture in a huge room will make it seem empty like you can’t afford enough furniture to fill it.

Meanwhile, oversized furniture will clutter your space, making the room look small. A mix of disproportionate furniture is visually confusing.

“Find a good balance between positive and negative space to help the flow of the room,” Youngblood recommended.

Also, use the same principle to clean your walls. “It can also include artwork if it’s out of proportion on the walls of the space,” she said.


Your furniture isn’t the only home decor item where size matters. Choosing the wrong size rug can also hurt your home decor.

A rug that’s too small could be what’s wrong with your living room, experts have warned.

You can trust their awesome guidelines to make sure you buy the right rug for every room.

“For large living rooms, it’s best to leave at least 12 to 18 inches of visible floor space between your large rug and the wall,” said Therese Germain, commodity director at Ruggable.

“To unify the area, try to make sure the front legs of your sofa and lounge chairs rest on the rug and overlap it by at least 8 to 12 inches,” she added.

For open spaces, choose a high-contrast rug that will stand out from the floor.

She said it will draw attention, creating a visually designed space and making even an open floor plan feel intimate.


IKEA is a great buy on a budget, but don’t overdo it by securing every piece from the MALM or EKTORP series.

In fact, matching pre-made furniture will make your home look cheap and outdated – more “dorm” than “designer”.

Home and Gardens experts recommend stocking up on cheap used furniture instead of going to the big box stores to buy kit furniture.

Your one-of-a-kind pieces are often more affordable than new furniture from a discount store.

“They’ll also be sturdier and infuse your space with personality,” the experts explained.

“Plus, you can be sure that the piece you’re buying has already survived decades in the home and will likely continue for many more years,” they added.

But IKEA furniture still serves a purpose, so don’t throw away your drawers and shelves.

The inexpensive brand can “prove invaluable in hidden spaces, such as garages, to provide abundant storage,” the experts wrote.

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If you’ve been living in your home for a while, you may have done piecemeal renovations that left inconsistent flooring around your home.

It can be a big aesthetic eyesore, designer Jennifer Walter warned.

“Inconsistent hard flooring like LVT and laminate in different rooms will make a home look cheap,” she told the outlet.

Mixing laminate and real wood is also a cringe-worthy mistake. Follow Walter’s simple rule to avoid it.

“Pick one color and use it everywhere,” she recommended.

Walter also reminded homeowners to be careful when choosing a color scheme for their floors.

“Greys in wood alternatives tend to make a home look sterile and staged,” she said. “It can make a house look cold and unnatural.”

Stick with warm, bright, and natural colors for real and faux wood — and most importantly, be consistent.


If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then your windows are where the soul of your home resides – that’s why it’s essential to highlight them.

But the wrong curtains can leave a bad impression on visitors whether they enter your home or not.

Interior designer Christian Ladd warned that unlined curtains look flimsy and unkempt.

“We always line the draperies four times so they’re finished and visually appealing even from outside the house and always do it in a soft ecru or bone rather than white,” Ladd explained.

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This may be an often overlooked area, but it’s the best place to start if your home needs an instant upgrade.

“Above all else, draperies are the most effective way to elevate a home,” Ladd said. “When impeccably finished and including details such as hand-sewn trimmings, they instantly create a more personalized and elevated feel.”

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