I’m an Interior Design Professional – You Make Your Bedroom Look Cheap With 10 Design Sins, Here’s What To Do Instead

Although your bedroom may be one of the most hidden rooms in your home, it deserves more sprucing up than you think.

An interior design professional claimed there are 10 design mistakes you’re likely to make and explained how they need to be fixed to make your space look pricey.


Arvin Olano discusses 10 design mistakes that make your bedroom look cheapCredit: YouTube / Arvin Olano
For every sin, he suggests what to do instead


For every sin, he suggests what to do insteadcredit: Getty

YouTube’s Arvin Olano is known as a design expert by his subscribers.

Whether designing shelves or finding affordable decor that looks luxurious, Arvin is capable of it all.

In a recent video, he covers 10 design sins that make your bedroom look cheap and what to do instead.

“No one asked, but in today’s video, I share 10 things you should stop doing in your bedroom,” he says.

The TikTok quarantine trend is the first mistake you can make.

While it might be a good way to pass the time in lockdown, Arvin doesn’t think feature walls look as good as you think.

“So I don’t know who gave you that idea, but you were tricked into thinking you needed pop color on your walls,” he explains.

“There’s nothing worse than having an accent wall in a bedroom where it feels very uninhibited.”

Arvin says it’s okay to want a pop of color in your room, but you don’t have to stop after just one wall.

You can add accessories and fabrics in different shades of that color.

However, you should never use red in your bedroom.

He thinks, “Unless you want your bedroom to look like a brothel, red isn’t going to be the color you put in your bedroom.”

“You are sending the wrong message.”

Next to go is busting.

Never add a bunch of colors to just one accent wall and stop adding red to a room


Never add a bunch of colors to just one accent wall and stop adding red to a roomCredit: YouTube / Arvin Olano
Tacky, classic and simple, your braided headboards look even better


Tacky, classic and simple, your braided headboards look even bettercredit: Getty

“When you get everything tufted,” he admits, “it can quickly seem really outdated.”

This includes tufted furniture, sheets, blankets, and chairs.

Swap your tufted headboard into a timeless classic headboard instead.

He continues, “Stop buying bedroom furniture sets.”

Mix and match pieces will best suit your personality and style.

Your room doesn’t exactly match the catalog picture, and don’t buy a headboard that’s too high.

Instead of buying bedroom sets, mix and match furniture


Instead of buying bedroom sets, mix and match furnitureCredit: YouTube / Arvin Olano

“This is ugly to the eye,” Arvin says.

“The next thing you should stop doing in your bedroom is introduce a lot of patterns.”

If you love patterns, it is imperative that you mix patterns thoroughly.

Arvin urges you to choose a large edition first.

Next, choose a few smaller stones with the same colors.

It’s also easy to stack your mattress with pillows, but Arvin says you shouldn’t do that.

“Make sure your pillows are decreasing in size,” he explains.

Your bed should always have a volume; It should never be flat.

He urges viewers to “Nothing says a bedroom cheap like a flat bed. You want to add these massive textiles through your quilt or quilt.”

Additional seats help “elevate the experience”.

Finally, floating bedside tables should go.

“It reminds me of a really schematic hotel where they cut corners. Instead of getting a piece of furniture, they got a piece of plywood… It’s going to look like you’re going the budget route,” he admits.

Classic nightstands are a more practical way to design.

One viewer suggested: “Burnt orange can be a good alternative to red in the bedroom. It goes well with creams, greens, and blues.”

Another wrote: “I am so happy to hear an expert tell me not to buy a bedroom set!!! My mother always tells me it’s a must, but I have no interest!!!!”

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