I’m an interior design expert – paint colors you should never have in your house because they look ‘grubby’ or ‘bad taste’

Are you looking for a new paint color to brighten up your bedroom or freshen up your living room?

Before you decide, listen up to what these interior design experts have to say — the paint colors they’d skip might surprise you.


Interior experts warned against pastel colors and warm beige for indoorsCredit: Getty

The House Digest team put together a list of paint colors that experts would avoid, and the collection includes some trendy and staple colors.

Warm white, for example, can make your space look cozy and tidy, but it can also look unclean, the experts warned.

“Many shades of white aren’t really white — instead, they’re a very light version of another color,” the experts explained. “Whatever the undertone is, it shows as soon as you add the paint to your walls.

“That means choosing a white shade with the right undertones to keep it from looking like an entirely different shade, or to keep it from looking dingy,” they advised.

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You can choose to go for warm brown walls that give the same cozy look without running the risk of looking dirty, but then you run into another problem.

“Dark browns can make a room feel smaller, and that can be overbearing,” the experts said.

“You don’t want to change your perception of a room’s size by just a paint color,” she added, unless of course you’re making a small room look bigger.

Opt for warm beige instead of brown, and to avoid choosing a shade that looks too orange or pink in your lighting, try a few samples before painting the entire room.

Pastels are a huge trend, especially if you want an easy, “cottagecore” look. But in fact, these pale tones can completely overwhelm a space.

“Instead of painting your walls pastel shades, choose to add them to your interior in a less permanent way,” the experts wrote.

Posters or art prints in pastel colors give the room a calming feeling without making the walls appear chalky, faded or sickly sweet.

You can also grab a pastel colored throw and cushions for your sofa, or cover your bed with patterned pastel linens or solids.

Treat bright colors the same way: use funky red chairs at your kitchen table, or limit lemon yellow to your curtains or light fixtures.

If you’re looking to sell your home in the future, these strong colors may not suit the tastes of potential buyers, the pros said.

It can also be incredibly difficult to make a bright paint color “work” with your existing decor, the experts explained, so if you want a breath of fresh air, keep it in the accents.

And remember that the ultra-bright colors or deep jewel tones you see in photos won’t always translate to an exact match in your own home.

“These taciturn colors are seen in an impeccably designed and professionally photographed space for an interior design website, or at the very least a heavily edited social media post,” the experts wrote.

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“Once you find the paint color and use it yourself, it can look very different in a real environment,” they said.

Remember that monsters are your friend, so never paint an entire room without using your local home store’s sample program first.

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