I’m a super fan of IKEA – there’s one item I tell people never to buy even though it’s a best seller

A superfan IKEA fan revealed which items to buy from IKEA and which to avoid.

Marco Zamora, known as @want.zamora on TikTok, is an interior designer who shares tips and tricks for decorating your home with the perfect decor.


YPPERLIG lamp is adjustable and circularCredit: TIKTOK/want.zamora
The lamp costs R$ 70


The lamp costs R$ 70Credit: TIKTOK/want.zamora

In a recent video, he played ‘This or That’ with certain IKEA furniture, comparing products you should get with products you should avoid.

In particular, Marco suggested ditching the HEKTAR lamp, a typical floor lamp with a dark gray LED lamp and a bestseller, for the YPPERLIG, an LED floor lamp with a blub circle.

“It’s dimmable and you can do this cool trick,” Marco said, referring to the lamp’s ability to rotate the blub 360 degrees.

“The simple, oversized metal shape is inspired by old-fashioned lamps from places like factories and theaters,” IKEA said of the Hektar lamp on its website.

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“Used together, HEKTAR lamps support different activities and create a rustic, unified look in the room.”

HEKTAR is intended to provide “good concentrated light for reading and good general light for smaller areas”.

You can direct the light where you need it as it is adjustable, making it a perfect choice for working at night, reading or simply focusing on an area of ​​the room you want to draw attention to.

YPPERLIG is similarly described by IKEA as a flexible light source.

“With this floor lamp, you don’t have to bend over,” says the website.

“You can turn the lighting on, off and down using the button under the lamp head – and rotate the flexible arm so you take the light where you need it.”

The LED light source consumes up to 85% less energy and lasts 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs, Ikea said.

The lamp has a built-in touch dimmer, so you can use your finger to adjust the light.

His arm and head are also adjustable.

The LED light source consumes up to 85% less energy and lasts 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

“As the light can be dimmed, you can choose the right light for every occasion,” the product listing reads.

Both lamps are priced at $70 and have 4.5-star ratings.

“The lamp was easy to assemble and looked great. It was exactly what I wanted to fill a dark corner of my living room,” said one of them about HEKTAR.

“Works great, very versatile and fits in tight spaces,” wrote another about YPPERLIG.

“It looks great too and provides excellent adjustable lighting.”

Next came the TOFTBYN mirror, a simple framed mirror for $80, which has been compared to the aluminum HOVET mirror for $160.

Zamora recommended the Hovet mirror.

“A little more expensive, but worth the price,” he said.

“You’re going to have this mirror all your life.”

He then suggested taking another look at the wooden MALM bed, which comes in black, white and oak.

“Instead of the black or white MALM bed, I would opt for the oak finish.”

“It kind of reminds me of the FLOYD bed,” he said, which is a wood-framed luxury brand that costs $795 for a queen.

The MALM bed is just $259.

Zamora also recommended the DELAKTIG bed, a chrome aluminum bed frame for just $250.

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Finally, instead of the $300 HILLESTED rug, Marco thinks you should use the $180 LOHALS rug.

“It’s super neutral and works in any room,” he said.

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