I’m a professional in interior design – hot trends for 2022 that will soon look very tacky

THE bold ’70s wallpaper print and ’50s pastel kitchen colors aren’t as prevalent these days, an indication that not all design trends are timeless.

An interior design expert Nick Lewis believes there are some design fads in 2022 that won’t stand the test of time either.


An interior expert has shared the 2022 design trends he thinks won’t lastCredit: TikTok
Some are quite sticky


Some are quite stickyCredit: Getty

“Okay, 2022 design trends that I don’t think will last. Peeking into my crystal ball is never easy, but let’s try,” Lewis began in a social media video.

He got the ball rolling with brightly coated plaster walls.

“I have higher expectations of those really creamy neutral walls that make your house look like a sun-drenched villa, but the really bright-colored walls give me a kind of 90s textured wall that I think is going to look very dated soon.

“Something about the texture on the light walls shows real contrast, and I think it dates pretty quickly.”

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He then talked about the problem with wall-to-wall marble.

He said: “A trend in contemporary design is to use the same material over and over again. So what a lot of high-end designers do is they put marble on the floor, on the ceiling and on all the walls.

“A little maybe, a little like a marble coffin if you like.

“I think this is very exaggerated and rather garish. Marble is beautiful, but I think this is an example where you can have too much of a good thing.

Lewis continued his complaint with extremely unique furniture.

“Okay, the next ones are crazy couches. These are everywhere now, but I don’t think some of them are practical or particularly timeless,” he said.

“This will be a statement to put in rich people’s homes for a while until they get sick of it, and then they will disappear for another 20 years.”

Lewis thinks that wall-to-wall marble looks very exaggerated and gaudy


Lewis thinks that wall-to-wall marble looks very exaggerated and gaudyCredit: Getty
Lewis does not find unique sofas practical or particularly timeless


Lewis does not find unique sofas practical or particularly timelessCredit: Getty

People shared their design in the comment section of Lewis’s video.

“So sick of the marble! Marble contact paper is what kills me the most lol. It’s time to go,” wrote one person.

Also not big on the marble trend, a second user said, “Wall-to-wall marble has always looked cheap.”

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“Yeah, thanks, the crazy banks just aren’t forever,” a third person chimed in.

“I like colorful texture when done right. When done badly, I get flashbacks from Trading Spaces,” said one last person.

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