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IKEA’s latest collection features donut lamps and chic glassware


If you’re looking to brighten up your home while you wait out the summer months, IKEA’s latest collection might be just the thing for you.

Titled VARMBLIXT, the collection is the Swedish retailer’s collaboration with Rotterdam-based designer Sabine Marcelis. The long-awaited IKEA x Sabine Marcelis collection was first announced in 2021, with the integral elements revealed at Milan Design Week 2022.

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The collection brings together art and design at an affordable price, and focuses on Marcelis’ signature style, which includes changing the perception of lighting from functional to emotional.

Designed to give new meaning to home lighting, there are four lighting items in the VARMBLIXT collection that will stay in the IKEA range for the long haul. There’s the VARMBLIXT LED Pendant Light ($169.99), which features curved tubes made of frosted white glass, and the VARMBLIXT LED Wall Mirror Light ($79.99) designed with a semi-transparent glass panel and light strip. The VARMLIXT LED Wall Light ($69.99) provides a minimalist finish while still making a big impact.

Perhaps the most striking of the collection is the VARMBLIXT LED Table/Wall Lamp ($49.99) in its perfectly endless donut shape. An eye-catching finish to any room, the donut lamp casts a warm orange glow.


“I wanted to take an unexpected approach to explore the idea of ​​how lighting works within the home and inspire people to consider new shapes and elements that blend together and highlight different types of interior spaces in a bold and artistic new way.” Marcelis said of the range illuminating him.

“When light passes through orange glass [of the table/wall lamp], makes the soft donut shape glow with a warm glow,” he added. “It’s a magical sight that commands attention, regardless of whether she’s on a table or hanging on a wall.”

In addition to lighting solutions, VARMBLIXT features elegant and sophisticated glassware and serving platters to enhance any dinner party, or every day. Products include the VARMBLIXT Serving Bowl with Lid ($39.99) and the VARMBLIXT Champagne Coupe ($8.99).

The collection is completed by two hand-woven rugs inspired by the delicate tones of a warm sunset. Bringing depth and texture to any space, VARMBLIXT rugs come in two sizes and colors.

The Sabine Marcelis VARMBLIXT collection will launch on and in stores nationwide from February 2023.