IKEA just added a new discount to its family loyalty program

We’re all probably familiar with the many benefits of shopping at IKEA – the affordability, the ability to hack the furniture, the Swedish meatballs – but casual IKEA shoppers may not be fully aware of the IKEA Family program. That could be about to change, however, with the announcement that IKEA Family members can now receive a discount on IKEA in-store purchases.

Starting in September, new and existing IKEA Family members receive 5% off eligible in-store purchases, plus other new benefits including special pricing on select online delivery options, 90-day price protection, and more. The beloved Swedish furniture company quietly launched the new IKEA Family discount benefit on September 1, 2022, with a larger announcement covering the new 5% discount and special delivery prices on September 12.

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This new IKEA Family discount marks the first time that US shoppers can enjoy a wide store-wide discount on their IKEA in-store purchases (although exclusions apply). The free IKEA Family program has been available in the US since 2011, and these new benefits add to the list of legacy benefits, which include special offers on certain products, access to events and workshops, free coffee or tea with every store visit, and access to exclusive to the IKEA buy-back program, among other rewards.

The new IKEA family discount and delivery options are part of IKEA’s ongoing efforts to be affordable, affordable and sustainable.

“At IKEA, it’s always been our ambition to offer quality, sustainable home furniture to our customers at an affordable price,” said Javier Quiñones, CEO and director of sustainability at IKEA US, in a press release announcing the new benefits. “By enhancing our IKEA Family benefits, we can show our customers greater appreciation in a meaningful way with daily discounts, while inspiring them to live a better everyday life at home.”

With the new release of IKEA’s Fall 2022 collection and the holiday season just around the corner – IKEA has historically offered a line of holiday decor – it’s a great time to head to your nearest store and sign up for the IKEA Family program (if you are not yet a member – again, you are free) to take advantage of these new benefits, which can make in-store and online shopping (when you pay for delivery) more affordable. Just make sure you always have your IKEA Family card with you: most program benefits are only available if you present your card at the time of purchase.

IKEA already offers buyers two different financing options, as well as other accessibility-oriented features, including flat-rate shipping and delivery, Click & Collect services, TaskRabbit assembly, and more, to make furniture and other IKEA products easier to use. at home. all. Even people who haven’t tried IKEA before can be swayed by these new cost-saving features – 5% off in-store purchases is pretty impressive.

Members of the free IKEA Family loyalty program can take advantage of the 5% in-store discount starting September 1 and special delivery pricing options (which vary based on factors including proximity to the nearest IKEA store, weight of your order, and the type of delivery you choose) for family members are available from 12 September.

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