Ikea and Swedish House Mafia Collaborate on Rugged Turntable for New Fall Collection

When two Swedish giants collide, we have a Bauhaus furniture collection. The latest Obegränsad collection – in Swedish for “unlimited” – was the result of a collaboration between Ikea and Swedish House Mafia. The duo teased three pieces that form part of the collection during Milan Design Week, including a turntable, a desk and an armchair.

As is to be expected with Ikea, this collection aims to provide a more affordable alternative to music equipment and furniture for musicians or audiophiles. Ikea says the Obegränsad collection is essential for making a home studio at an affordable price.

All Black – Taking inspiration from the Swedish House Mafia’s all-black aesthetic, Ikea opted for a minimalist look for the turntable. Contributors have opted for a more robust and solid design so you really feel it in a room. Ikea designer Friso Wiersma said in a press release that Ikea wanted something “very bold” and for the turntable “to be a very physical manifestation of the music.” It can also be paired with Ikea’s Eneby speaker.

The darkened turntable has a much more robust design than your typical one. Ikea

Ikea and Swedish House Mafia teased an all-black tabletop that looks pretty standard, outside of the two speaker stands that are supposed to support ear-level speakers. The table includes a removable shelf just below the table top, intended for midi keyboards for making music or just regular keyboards.

Even if you don’t use it to make music, this desk still looks pretty functional.Ikea

The collection also includes this rather uncomfortable-looking armchair from Ikea. Ikea says the armchair was created to create a relaxing environment to enjoy music, but something about the stark design screams back pain. At least there are adjustable straps to adjust the feel.

Sit back, relax and listen to music in this uncomfortable-looking chair.Ikea

autumn collection — These three products were just a preview of the entire Obegränsad collection, which is due to launch globally in autumn 2022. It will include over 20 pieces of furniture, all centered around the theme of making or enjoying music.

If you are looking for a cheaper way to make a studio at home or just want to decorate your apartment in the Swedish House Mafia style, this collection is for you. Otherwise, this all-black collection still seems to offer decent minimalist furniture pieces, even if you’re not a fan of the Swedish supergroup.

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