IFA 2022: LG brings LED to the kitchen

In the digital signage industry, LED is old hat. Although it always delivers an immersive visual experience, such as the Magnet 136″ MicroLED. LG is late when it comes to digital signage MicroLED solutions, but it was worth the wait. Smart detailed solutions and high-end LG shows its innovative strengths with energy efficiency (especially a low standby consumption of only 3W per cabinet – see the Invidis report).

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The new MoodUp refrigerators with LED door panels that bring colour, mood, dynamism and feeling to the kitchen are also particularly innovative. Consumers can choose between different colors for the LED doors and play their personal favorite music through the integrated speakers.

invidis Comment: LED panels as a supplement to digital signage

LED wall panels can also be an interesting addition to digital signage concepts. In retail, corporate or hospitality projects, the budget is often insufficient to dynamically capture large areas. In addition, significant energy consumption does not always justify wall-filling LEDs. The combination of MicroLED and LED wall panels – as shown by LG at IFA – can be an interesting combination.

Through the LG Smart Home app, users can choose between 22 colors for the upper door panel and 19 colors for the lower door panel, thus changing the mood of the refrigerator and its kitchen according to individual tastes. In addition to the changing colors, the LG Bluetooth speakers are integrated into the LED panel, which can be easily connected to a smartphone, tablet or notebook. Users can choose songs from their music streaming apps to match their mood or cooler color. Of course, the MoodUp’s LED panels can change colors in sync with the music.

LG’s new refrigerator offers several functions such as color notifications: the top panel blinks repeatedly when the refrigerator’s door sensor detects that the refrigerator has been left open for too long. If MoodUp’s motion sensors sense that someone is approaching, both fields flash as a greeting. One feature is particularly useful for orientation, especially for “midnight snacks”, because the freezer door lights up at night, making the fridge easier to find.

When the LED door panels are closed, the LG fridge lights up in white and gray for a more traditional look in the kitchen. The smart, timeless surface harmonizes with any decor and recalls the natural, subtle contrast of different colored stones.

LG LEDs now also on cooling units (Photo: LG)
LG LEDs now also on cooling units (Photo: LG)

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