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Ideas to update your child’s bedroom without breaking the bank – NBC10 Philadelphia


There is nothing like childhood – when the future is bright and a child can dream of being anything. Whether you’re looking to do a complete reno in your child’s room or just a facelift, why not try some of these creative ideas to make your space as unique as your child’s?

Try a cozy reading nook for young book lovers

If your child loves books as much as Zoe Leroy, the 7-year-old cancer survivor whom George Olyphant met in Season 12, Episode 7 of “George to the Rescue,” then the Reading Corner is a must-see!

With the help of Michael McCue of Bergen-Essex Contractors and Campbell Minister with Campbell Minister Design, George found extra space in a cornice behind a small wall in Zoe’s attic bedroom. But you don’t need an actual corner to create a comfortable reading spot. It could be as simple as picking a spot in the corner of your child’s bedroom on the floor, or even in a closet if there’s enough space.

Make sure there is plenty of lighting, whether it’s a small reading lamp or overhead lights. Lay a soft, neutral rug or rug on the floor of the space. Add several plush pillows or even a large bean bag chair for them to lounge on or lean against in a cozy, comfy kid’s space to curl up with a good book. Some string lights hung around the area with command hooks create an updated feel and create a character space without the construction commitment, and easy-to-remove star stickers give this nook a dreamy feel – perfect for getting lost in a good story!

Create a reusable art space for creative kids

George and Campbell didn’t stop at Zoe’s reading corner, they also dreamed up this unique art district that goes far beyond the ordinary easel.

To try this at home, buy a wall-mounted kraft paper roll (paper usually doesn’t come with the roll). Use 3M Command Small Wire Toggle Hooks with adhesive strips to hang them on the wall.

Add a cup full of colored markers and crayons, and you’ve created an adorable art space that will inspire your child’s creativity.


Encourage future professional athletes to dream big

After Zoe’s room, she was in Big Brother Alex’s room. The ‘George to the Rescue’ team have gone above and beyond by grabbing a Paul Pogba signed shirt for the young Manchester United fan. But you don’t have to go to such extremes to elevate a sports fan’s bedroom. A few strategically placed accent items and a few simple design principles can take a bedroom from average to inspiring.

George and Campbell turned Alex Pogba’s jersey into a work of art by framing it and then hanging it above his bed. The husband chose a modern, minimalist black frame and painted his bed black to match, creating a unified look. They swapped out two small art pieces for the framed shirt, making it an accent piece that sets the tone for the rest of the room.

They pulled it all together by balancing the black and white look with red accents to match the jersey, giving Alex room for sports fans to get excited about.


Encourage your entrepreneur in the making

When he met George Peyton Triano—the 14-year-old founder of Eat Sweet, a bakery company designed to donate food to families in need—he knew he needed to create a space as inspiring as she is.

George worked with Butter & Velvet home designer Micheline Fernandez to dream up a room designed for cheerleading.

George and crew built an office nook that contains a close-up of Peyton with entrepreneur Christina Tosi from the Milk Bar. This way every time she sat down to work, she had a clear view of just how big her dreams were.

But dreaming big is not just about doing. George and Fernandez created an inspiring idea by framing her wardrobe with word art.

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