Ideas for interior design for 2022

As the pandemic changed the way we live, homeowners also made major investments in upgrading where they live: about $ 420 billion in home remodeling and repairs by 2020, according to Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. The same team predicts a continued increase in maintenance and remodeling costs throughout 2022.

If you are planning to remodel parts of your home this year, think about not only what you want but what others might also be looking for in a home so you have a chance to get some of the expenses back. Here are five home decor and design trends that will appeal to homeowners and buyers in 2022.

1. Greening of everything

To get a sense of what’s going on in the home, we started with what’s popping up in online searches. According to an analysis by design site Houzz, everyone wants to add green to their home: Online searches for green kitchen cabinets, green tile bathrooms and green accent chairs increased by more than 700 percent by 2021.

Nor is it just about adding the green color to your design. Several of us are searching for artificial plants and trees along with indoor pots and planters, the Houzz report revealed.

2. Gray disappears

Green is not the only shade that will make homes come alive in 2022. This year, more homeowners are leaving “safe” color palettes in neutral colors for a more bold approach.

“Traditional gray colors are on the rise, and warmer, more inviting colors are making a comeback,” says Christy Walker, broker / owner of RE / MAX Signature in Phoenix, Arizona.

3. Sustainable materials will increase

While companies and countries are looking for solutions to solve the climate crisis, individuals are also looking to play a role. A recent survey by shows that 90 percent of experts in the construction and remodeling industry believe there is a growing interest in environmentally friendly home design and interior design. This means that there will be increased demand for materials such as bamboo and those that contain recycled content – for example carpets and recycled wood.

4. Flooring is under development

In 2022, home decor is not just about what your eyes see; it’s also about what’s under your feet.

“Floor styles also change, which lays the foundation for the look and feel,” Walker says. “New materials allow people to explore a more creative side with tiles, stones and even a wide range of quality vinyls. Oversized block tiles are trending in the Southwest, rather than traditional square or even plank options.”

5. The outdoors comes in

A focus on the outdoors defined 2020 and 2021, and that weight will not disappear in 2022. A recent study by the American Institute of Architects continues to show interest in building outdoor living spaces, with more homeowners asking for plans for mixed indoor / outdoor living, such as doors in garage style that opens up to the backyard.

While looking to freshen up your home and search for home decor ideas this year, remember that you do not have to earmark a large budget for a top-to-bottom renovation. As a real estate agent recommends, focus on identifying the design components and color schemes that can adorn your existing space.

“Design these days is about color, light, comfort and having your own private oasis,” says Catherine Allen, an agent at RE / MAX One in Woodland Hills, California. “Kurb attraction is almost as important as what’s inside the home. Designs and colors that enhance and complement the home’s space and best features, without being picky or too sharp, make the highlighted areas sing and impress.”

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