I worked at IKEA – here’s a big secret customers need to know about their furniture, it’s a game changer

RECOGNIZED for its compact furniture and inexpensive decor, IKEA products fill homes across the country.

The Swedish furniture giant is a big hit with shoppers who love to get lost in the store’s maze and stock up on their signature meatballs.


A former IKEA employee has revealed the store’s secretscredit: alamy

A former IKEA employee has revealed some game-changing store secrets for customers.

The team member has worked at the Braehead store – just outside Glasgow – for four years and says shoppers in a hurry can push for their orders to be delivered more quickly.

“She said: “For deliveries, if you really want next day delivery and you’re too ‘late’, be persistent and they’ll take it.

And if you need space for your new furniture, you can trade in your old IKEA pieces for your money back.

The former worker added: “The buyback scheme is good and not many people knew when I worked there.

“And I would say you should scan a family card every time you buy something big, as this really does cover damage and free parts replacement.”

IKEA fans can hand over their old chests of drawers, sideboards and shelves for cash.

Tables, desks, cupboards, chests of drawers and chairs are also eligible for the scheme.

IKEA products that qualify for the scheme must be in good condition, fully functional, properly assembled, clean and unmodified.

And it can net you 50% of the item’s original price.

There is no limit to the number of times you can use the scheme and you don’t need to know the item’s original purchase price or have the receipt as Ikea will be able to tell you.

Elsewhere, an interior designer has revealed the IKEA decor worth buying—and which you definitely shouldn’t waste your money on.

Annie Elliot said anything “too decorative” is an immediate no-no.

So that piece of geometric decoration that you think is chic and modern? Leave it at the store.

The word decorative art is also a no for Annie – let’s face it, you probably don’t need a sign that says ‘home’ anyway.

Colored and glass vases are almost always a yes, as it will be easy to find somewhere in your space for them.

And if you’re looking for Christmas wreaths, Ikea has some great ones.

Annie said: “I’m a fan of natural wreaths, inside or out I like them.”

That said, don’t worry about ones that look too fake, like ones that are dyed a different color or made from the same material as your Christmas tree.

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