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I Met Sex Beast Cop David Carrick On Tinder – He Raped And Tortured Me, Made Me Clean His House Naked And Called Me A Slave


A WOMAN has told how sex animal cop David Carrick forced her to clean his house naked during four years of horrific abuse.

She remembered how he treated her like a slave and when she threatened to report him to the police, the devil replied, “I am the police.”


A woman has told how Carrick forced her to clean his house naked during four years of horrific abuse (image of silhouette was taken by model)Credit: Getty
Carrick has been revealed as one of the UK's worst serial rapists after admitting 49 sex offenses against 12 different women


Carrick has been revealed as one of the UK’s worst serial rapists after admitting 49 sex offenses against 12 different womenCredits: SWNS

For years, the victim – who cannot be named for legal reasons – believed she was the only one who had raped and tortured Carrick, 48.

She was too scared to tell anyone what was going on and only felt safe to report her hell after news of his October 2021 arrest broke and she saw his face on television.

The sadistic Carrick was nicked after another female victim bravely reported him to the police.

The Sun on Tuesday told how the officer had been revealed as one of the UK’s worst serial rapists after admitting 49 sex offenses against 12 different women.

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Our interviewee told of attacks on her by Carrick – who called her his “slave” and threatened her if she tried to stop him.

She told The Sun: “He made me clean his house naked.

“It was humiliating, but he seemed to enjoy making me feel small.”

And she explained: “I told him once that I was going to the police.

“He told me ‘I’m the police – who would you believe?’.

“I thought he was only abusing me. I knew nothing about all those other women.”

This week it emerged that the Met Police had missed nine opportunities to stop their twisted officer in his tracks.

After reading the police criminal record, the woman said: “I am angry with the police.

They could have stopped him 20 years ago.

“It was emotional to see it all. Now I can see the bigger picture. Maybe there are more women.”

Like many victims of the domineering Carrick, she met him through dating app Tinder.

She was persuaded to trust him after he showed her his police warrant card when they met for drinks at a local pub

After their first meeting in 2017, Carrick asked if she would come and clean for him once a week, as she had worked as a professional cleaner.

He lived in a three bed house in Stevenage, Herts where we now know he assaulted and raped women.

Photos of the interior of the agent’s house show a bare living room with a cream leather three-piece suite and a television on a stand in the corner.

It turned out in court that Carrick would brag about owning snakes

New photos obtained by The Sun show the two reptiles he used to intimidate women.

He called them Sophia and Lauren and often let them out in his garden in the summer.

They were kept in the living room in a large glass container. A label underneath said “Royal Python”.

Carrick not only made sure the woman cleaned his house, but also forced her to do his shopping and picked him up from the pub when he was drunk.

If she refused, he would become violent.

She said: “If I told him no, he would say ‘Do as you are told’.

“He would punch me in the face for no reason.”

She claims that when news broke that fellow gun cop Wayne Couzens had been arrested for the kidnapping, rape and murder of Sarah Everard in March 2021, Carrick threw away some of his sex toys and ties that he had used on his victims.


Carrick would demand that she buy him six bottles of white wine at once, usually Mud House sauvignon blanc, which he would drink in quick succession.

He often set up his old army tent in his backyard and forced the victim to sleep outside with him.

In texts accessed by The Sun, Carrick calls the woman “my slave” and “my servant.”

In another, the pervert tells her, “Let me abuse you” and calls her the “village idiot”.

Once after she cleaned his house, he wrote, “Don’t worry about next week’s cleaning. You’ve irritated me.’

When the victim asked what she had done wrong, Carrick replied, “Disobedience. You are lazy.

“Now you’ve bullied me for not listening. Finally it sinks into that thick skull.”

She said: “He is a wine drinker and he would shake his glass at me so that I would be his slave to give him his drink.

The woman met Carrick through dating app Tinder


The woman met Carrick through dating app Tinder
Carrick had two reptiles that he used to intimidate women


Carrick had two reptiles that he used to intimidate women

“I thought he was joking at first. He was incredibly OCD and if there was a stain on his carpet he would go crazy.

“He didn’t like me smoking. He ruined all my cigarettes.

“I got a vape pen and one time I smoked it in his house. He went crazy and tried to break it. He went crazy.”

Carrick subjected her to horrific sexual and physical abuse, which included strangling her until she could barely breathe.

One night at his house, he raped the woman before forcing her into a shower and urinating on her as she cried.

She vomited, which left a stain on the bathroom floor that is still visible in photos of Carrick’s home taken after he was arrested.

She recounted the traumatic attack, saying, “He could have killed me by choking on my own vomit.”

Twisted Carrick admitted to raping and assaulting 12 women at London’s Southwark Crown Court on Monday.

He faces life in prison if convicted in February.

As it turned out, the former soldier passed his vetting to join the Met Police in 2001, despite being named a suspect in two offenses the previous year.

He was even allowed to carry his gun after he was arrested for rape in July 2021 and the case was dropped.

Farah Nazeer, director of Women’s Aid, praised the victim who spoke to us.

Carrick forced his victim to clean his house and treated her like a slave


Carrick forced his victim to clean his house and treated her like a slave
Texts from Carrick to his victim
Texts from Carrick to his victim

She said: “It is incredibly brave for this survivor to speak out.

“We cannot underestimate what it must have felt like to be in a relationship with Carrick – who used all his power and control to silence her.

“Assuming she was his only victim and no one would believe her, his arrest meant she knew she was not alone and gave her the confidence to come forward.

“We at Women’s Aid know that many abusers use their power to prevent their victims from telling anyone what is happening

“For women in relationships with abusive police officers, this can range from fearing they won’t be believed, to thinking statements might go off the rails, to having their co-workers fire and sentence her — possibly accusing them of lying or having mental health issues. .

“The barriers are huge, and Carrick’s arrest has shown the extent of his abuse, and what he could get away with.

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“There are important lessons to be learned from this case and from Wayne Couzens’ case.

“We hope that urgent work will be done, in collaboration with organizations for violence against women, to ensure that abuse and misogyny can no longer thrive within the police force.”