I banned my neighbor’s kids from my garden after they painted lewd pictures on my house…now they are mad with me

A woman told how she banned her neighbour’s children from her garden after they painted rude pictures on her wall and threw rocks at her home.

The landlady explained that her garden is much larger than those around her, so the local children often play football.


The naughty children were told they couldn’t play in the neighbour’s gardenCredit: Getty

While all of the children are very respectful of her garden, she has had some problems with her family living off her and their five children, all ages; One, three, five, five, seven.

Reaching out to Reddit, she said, “They don’t come into my yard to play much unless the other kids are playing soccer or baseball.

A seven-year-old is as ‘in charge’ as a seven-year-old can be, but he clearly cannot take the place of parental supervision.

“Five days ago, the kids were playing baseball, and he must have lost track of the five-year-olds at some point because when I got home from work I found their Sharpied names on my wall (name and name here) along with some rude graffiti (man pooping, Several piles of crap, that sort of thing) along the right side of the house.”

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The woman explained that she was really upset by this discovery, so she went to tell their parents the next day and asked them to pay for the paint to cover it up.

She said: “They were very offended and accused me of lying and said they wouldn’t pay.

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“If that was all I would let it slide and cover up the paint because it would only be like $20 but later that day [the five-year-old boy] I decided it would be funny to throw rocks at my house.

“There are several dents in the sides where the rocks hit and two of my windows were blown out.

“From what has been quoted for repairs, the damages are between $800 and $900. I’ve spoken to parents who have accused me of doing it myself to make their kids look bad.”

As a result of the damage, the woman decided not to allow the five children to play in her garden until the damage was paid for.

She said: “When they came this morning to play football with the other children, I politely explained the situation and said they would have to leave because they were not allowed to play here anymore.

“The seven-year-old was very upset (more upset than a tantrum is understandable) but the five-year-olds were very upset.

“About an hour later their mother came and took me outside, yelling at my doorstep how I am a terrible person who hates children because ‘I’m so bitter I can’t find a husband’.

“I stand fine either way but some other parents came in and seemed a little frustrated with me explaining why that family was no longer welcome which makes me question things.”

Our fellow Redditors were quick to share their thoughts on the situation.

One person said: “I am afraid it will escalate and the family will cause more damage to your property out of anger.

“I’d set up some cameras if I were you, to protect yourself so you have hard proof if/when you’re there ‘next time’.”

Another said:[You’re an a**hole] For not calling the police. Are you really just going to eat $800 and “don’t let them in the yard?”

“How about paying and they are resident It is not allowed, and if they come, you invite to trespass.”

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