I am a super fan of Dollar Tree

DOLLAR Tree makes it possible to maintain an organized home on a tight budget.

There are plenty of ways to create a clean and tidy living space when you play your cards right with standard Dollar Tree purchases.


A YouTuber named Bargain Bethany shares some of her favorite purchases from Dollar Tree organizationCredit: YouTube/Bargain Bethany

A YouTuber named Bargain Bethany has successfully reached over 1 million subscribers to her channel thanks to her money-saving tips and tricks.

She posted a video full of purchases by Dollar Tree organizations in January 2022 to give her subscribers great ideas.

The first idea Bethany mentions is to use clear food trays on top of plastic bins to make the storage process easier.

Without clear food trays separating your bins, there’s no perfect way to easily stack your bins to create more space.

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Copying Bethany’s hack with clear food containers over plastic bins gives you a lot more shelf space than anyone would think.

The next tip from Bethany is about organizing books in a way that really simplifies things before the story kicks off with your little ones in the evening.

She suggests buying Dollar Tree plastic bookcases in different colors.

Dollar Tree book buckets hook together on the sides so you can easily arrange them in a neat row.

She also labels each bookcase based on the subject of her book collection.

For example, Bethany adds labels to bins of animal books, books with pop-up pages, and everything else.

The next suggestion Bethany has is to buy small wooden boxes from Dollar Tree.

Since they come in a natural light wood color, it makes sense to paint them in the colors that interest you most.

According to Bethany, painting Dollar Tree wooden boxes is perfect for organizing your art stuff


According to Bethany, painting Dollar Tree wooden boxes is perfect for organizing your art stuffCredit: YouTube/Bargain Bethany

She uses the brightly colored wooden boxes to separate her paint bottles in a very aesthetic way.

Art time doesn’t have to be a complicated or messy fiasco when your paint bottles are flawlessly organized.

Bethany’s next suggestion is to buy mop and broom holders from Dollar Tree.

This particular item comes with two slots and a hook to make storing broom and mop in your hallway closet as easy as possible.

Bethany Suggests Buying Dollar Tree Broom & Mop Holders For A Tidy Hallway Closet


Bethany Suggests Buying Dollar Tree Broom & Mop Holders For A Tidy Hallway ClosetCredit: YouTube/Bargain Bethany

The item comes with adhesive on the back, but according to Bethany, you can always use screws instead for a firmer hold.

Her closet space looks exceptionally tidy, because her mops and brooms aren’t just lying around randomly.

One of the people in Bethany’s comment section wrote: “I never knew those trays would fit on top of those trays. It’s a perfect idea. I’ve been trying to stay out of Dollar Tree, but I’ve got to get those bins and bins!”

Another user commented: “You are a genius, Bethany. You just solved a dilemma I was having. Thank you so much for your wonderful videos!”

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Bethany’s video has racked up over 656,000 views and over 31,000 likes to date.

Her creative eye and keen attention to detail make every Dollar Tree shopping trip a success.

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