How to make an Advent wreath

There are so many traditions around Christmas. However, when you start browsing the list, not all of them are related to Christianity or the Bible. They all have different roots. For religious and worshiping families, however, the traditions that matter most are those that relate most to their religion. And today we are going to talk about one of them. Celebrating the four weeks of Advent is a great tradition in the Western Church. That’s exactly why, in this article, we’ll show you how to make an Advent wreath with 5 easy DIY tutorials and some other ideas you can try. Count down the days until Christmas with this wonderful tradition and make yourself a great decoration for your home.

Advent wreaths are a beautiful addition to your decor

What is an Advent wreath?

The tradition of the Advent wreath symbolizes the passing of the four weeks of Advent, leading up to Christmas. The wreath is made of an evergreen with four candles. Some also contain a fifth white candle, placed in the middle. On the first Sunday of Advent, the first candle is lit, with another candle being lit every Sunday until Christmas. If you choose to make an Advent wreath with a fifth candle in the middle, it is lit either on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day. Although it is a family tradition, it can also be found in some public places of worship.

Now that we know what an Advent wreath is, let’s get to the crafts

Advent wreaths to make with greenery

How to make an Advent wreath – DIY #1


  • four candlesticks (if you can find brass ones, they look better)
  • a serving tray
  • four taper candles
  • artificial greenery (for this tutorial, cedar and pine greenery was used)

Everything you need is at the dollar store

Advent wreaths to make diy tutorial


  1. Arrange the candlesticks on the board. No matter what type of candlesticks you have, you can arrange them together, even if they are of different heights.
  2. Arrange the greenery around the candlesticks in the tray to form a wreath around them. Mix cedar and pine greenery and use the tray to hold them together. Also fill in the space between the candlesticks in the middle.
  3. Add the candles to the candlesticks.
  4. Finally, if you wish, you can get creative and add even more decorative elements to your Advent wreath.

Source: Wrensted Interiors

Twist the strands around each other to secure them around the candlesticks

greenery candle holders advent wreaths to make

Now is the time to DIY for a gorgeous lantern centerpiece

Advent wreath design with lantern

DIY Advent Wreath #2


  • Metal lantern with an LED candle inside
  • 18 inch Advent wreath with greenery and candlesticks
  • 2.5 inch red burlap ribbon
  • small decorative picks
  • Christmas decorations
  • four 8 inch white taper candles
  • floral yarn

Here are the supplies you will need

diy supplies crafts advent wreath tutorial


  1. Wrap the burlap ribbon around the wreath tucking in some tufting as you work your way around it.
  2. Decorate the wreath with decorative picks and Christmas ornaments. Secure each with floral wire.
  3. Make a bow with the rest of the burlap ribbon, place a decorative opening pick in the middle and tie it to the handle of the lantern.
  4. Place the wreath on the table with the lantern placed in the middle of the wreath. Next, add the candles in the four wreath candle holders.

Source: Positively Splendid

Use your imagination to make the ribbon look nice when you wrap it around the wreath

greenery red ribbon advent wreath crafts

There are more DIY tutorials to come

DIY advent wreath ideas with cranberries

DIY idea #3


  • 1 small pie dish
  • 4 beeswax candles
  • assorted greens, berries and pine cones

You can use evergreen sprigs that you can find in your own garden

diy advent wreath ideas supplies


  1. Melt the bottoms of the candles and attach them to the pie dish.
  2. Cut the greens and cut them into small pieces. Arrange them around the candles to make the wreath and fill in the space between the candles.
  3. Add more decorations to the wreath, like berries and small pinecones.
  4. You can place the pie dish on a cake stand, so it can serve as a centerpiece for your table.

Source: Roots and Boots

Don’t worry, the tutorials aren’t finished yet

diy advent wreath ideas step by step tutorial

How to make an Advent wreath – DIY #4


  • faux greenery garland
  • choice of greenery for filling
  • sprigs of berries and pine cones
  • Advent wreath candle holder
  • 3 purple and 1 pink taper candles
  • 1 white pillar candle
  • floral yarn
  • hot glue gun
  • cutting pliers

These are the supplies you will need

diy tutorial advent wreath ideas supplies


  1. Position the faux greenery garland over the wreath and secure with floral wire. Cut off the excess garland.
  2. Attach your chosen pieces of greenery to the garland with hot glue. This way it will look more complete and you can fill in any gaps.
  3. Hot glue the pine cones and berry sprigs to the wreath, fill it in and add color.
  4. Finally, place the candles in the candle holders with the white pillar candle placed in the middle of the wreath.

Source: Dori Turner Interiors

Don’t go overboard with the pinecones and sprigs of berries, a few are enough to add color to the wreath

greenery cranberry advent wreath ideas

And one last final DIY, just in case you don’t like the other four

diy advent wreath tutorial

DIY #5


  • a polystyrene crown
  • 3 candlesticks
  • 1 large candle
  • green felt
  • floral pins
  • eucalyptus or other greenery (it can also be artificial)
  • pairing knife
  • hot glue gun
  • pen
  • ribbon


  1. Use the pen to trace the bottom of the candles onto the polystyrene wreath at equal lengths from each other.
  2. Cut out the holes for the candles.
  3. Cut the felt into strips and cover the crown with them, securing it with hot glue.
  4. Arrange eucalyptus or greenery around the wreath and secure with floral pins.
  5. Place the candles in the holes you cut in the wreath.
  6. Decorate the candle that will be in the middle with your favorite ribbon.
  7. Place the wreath on a flat surface with the large candle in the middle.

Source: Design of Atonement

The use of felt is optional, but the darker color complements the wreath more, plus you can hide the styrofoam

step by step tutorial diy advent wreath

Now here are some other Advent wreath ideas that you can actually try and recreate at home

greenery advent wreath diy candlestickDIY advent wreath with greeneryDIY eucalyptus advent wreath on table

Mix different sprigs of evergreens you can find in your garden

greenery flowers diy advent wreathhow to make an advent wreath on a tablehow to make an advent wreath with greenery pinecones

You can also get creative and not use greenery

minimalist how to make an advent wreath

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