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The concept of lounge areas has firmly entered our lives. From bars, lofts and special zones in airports and train stations, they migrated to apartments.

We have drawn up some basic rules on how to use furniture to equip a lounge area at home: in your living room, on the balcony and even in the bedroom. Everything is simple and can be arranged using armchairs, sofas, deckchairs and mattresses.

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Lounge Zone basic rules

This is the area used for rest, relaxation and the opportunity to disconnect from the daily worries of the big cities. Establishing your own island of calm is quite important!

Despite the fact that the lounge style generally does not exist, this area still has well-known rules and laws.

1. Spacious room

If the area of ​​the house or apartment allows it, choose large rooms with high ceilings and large windows. This will allow you to receive the energy of peace on frosty mornings, sunny afternoons, quiet twilight and cool evenings.

2. Comfortable furniture

The most important character of the lounge area is definitely the upholstered furniture. It creates the feeling of maximum comfort. Large, comfortable, soft, complemented by pouffes and a small table with your favorite books, newspapers, drinks. Don’t forget deckchairs, deckchairs, transforming chairs and mattresses – an indispensable condition is the horizontal position of the body, so you could party as it was done in ancient Rome. To find such fine and elegant furniture click here.

3. Smooth lines

The lounge area can either be part of the overall style or, conversely, stand out with its original design. In any case, it is important to think about such parameters as the furniture’s shape, colour, light, sound and decor. Lounge furniture must outwardly speak of its softness and comfort: smooth lines, rounded shapes. The trend in lounge areas is chairs and foldable mattresses in the shape of an egg, oyster or shell, where you can comfortably curl up in a cozy position.

4. Calm shades

Choose a palette of calm shades. The pastel colors of dawn, fluffy clouds and clear skies are just great for morning people. Owls will like the darker but white tones of twilight, night and the starry sky.

The most popular in 2022 are the greenish shades supplemented with living plants such as palm, mulberry (ficus) or cactus families. The most important detail here is that the plants should be unpretentious. Nothing should distract from relaxation.

5. Subdued light

Direct flow is only recommended for a floor lamp next to a reading chair. It is better to hang a garland behind a transparent curtain, so that it gives only a small hint of light.

6. The right decor

You can decorate the lounge room with pillows, rugs, candles, posters, incense sticks, but be careful – do not destroy the subtle issue of harmony and peace.

The best rooms to create a lounge zone

A lounge zone in an apartment or house can be arranged in almost any room, the kitchen is also an option. To find the best room, you must first decide what it will be used for. For family activities after work or at the weekend? Will it be a retreat zone or a place of cozy, friendly meetings? Perhaps a kind of office, which is quite useful nowadays, during the triumph of homework and online studies.

Lounge zone in your living room

This room is the first that comes to mind and the most relevant room for the lounge area if you dream of relaxing on the sofa after a hard day, spending time with family or watching a movie on Netflix together (some ideas here) . Decorating such an area is great for a studio – it physically delimits the apartment to the dining area and the living room, giving the feeling of zoning.

Lounge zone for hobbies

Those who love books can create a lounge library in their apartment or house. All you need is a nice armchair, a few books and a lamp. The book can be enjoyed alone or, for example, together with the children by reading a bedtime story. Don’t forget to bring a blanket for the lounge area if your little ones fall asleep. This zone can also be great for embroidery, knitting – any hobby that can be done sitting down.

Children’s lounge zone

Rest is not only necessary for adults, but also for children. Especially for the active. A nice, comfortable and safe lounge zone helps the child feel calmer, play quietly and get ready for sleep.

Choose furniture elements based on the child’s height and his favorite shades, place his favorite toys and a soft rug, add some light – and it’s done – a fantastic children’s lounge zone is ready!

Lounge zone on your windowsill

A truly safe corner for those who like to be alone, behind some curtains, in their cozy microcosm. You can arrange a lounge area in a window sill or in any other niche that has glass walls. There they can do their homework, read books or simply look at the stars outside the window. Lounge windowsills are especially loved by teenagers and introverts. The effect of a separate room is enhanced by thick curtains separating the niche.

Lounge area on the enclosed terrace

The closed terrace option for a lounge zone is another popular option. Today, the balcony or enclosed terrace is no longer a storage area filled with unnecessary things.

Lounge area on the veranda

A spacious summer house or a country house – this is where the lounge fantasy is not limited to anything. The place itself is already great for relaxing and enjoying rest.

There are many options for arranging the lounge zone in such cases:

  • Terrace in front of the house
  • Fireplace living room lounge area
  • Original area on the roof or in the attic

Regarding furniture that you can place in a lounge zone, since the main role of this area is to give a person the maximum feeling of coziness, most items should be chosen for the “reclining” or “lying” position, with a low or semi-low landing:

– soft puffs

– rattan chairs with soft cushions

– deckchairs

– mattresses for soft windowsills and other niches

– stylish sofas, which can create a good resting place for the whole family

Last updated: 30 August 2022

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