How to decorate your home in hot weather and do it in the sun

It’s hard to do everyday tasks in extreme heat, and decorating your home is no exception. Summer 2022 has seen record-breaking temperatures around the world and while they may be the perfect conditions for your summer vacation, the heat can be quite disruptive. As a result, many of us, when executing our decorating ideas, wonder if it is too hot to paint or wallpaper our homes.

In addition to the physical exhaustion likely resulting from reaching for a roller way over your head in high temperatures, there are some practicalities to consider when it comes to painting or hanging wallpaper in the heat. Temperature is a big factor in drying your paint or wallpaper paste, and while you may think that the higher the temperature the faster your decorating job dries, hot weather can actually damage the track. Consequently, you will not be able to achieve the smooth, clean finish to your walls that you otherwise could.

But how hot is too hot? We’ve asked some paint and wallpaper specialists for advice on decorating in the heat and what temperatures to avoid (so don’t feel guilty about spending another day on the sun lounger).

Credit: Little Greene

What happens if you paint when it’s too hot?

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