How to add warmth and comfort to your home décor this fall

Decorating your home for the fall months is all about bringing warmth and comfort into the space. Picture tree branches with beautifully colored leaves, soft blankets in deep and rich colors, and flickering candles that smell of fresh pasty. You know the feelings. Here’s how you can bring those warm touches into your home for the fall season.

Consider the colors

If you’re someone who usually sticks to a neutral color scheme, fall is the perfect time to play around with incorporating some colors.

“I’ve definitely seen an embrace of the most saturated tones so far this year,” says NoVA-based Georgia Howler, owner of Passerine—an online store that provides handcrafted heirloom-quality antique rugs from authorized dealers around the world. “In the fall, people want more color, but not necessarily bright colors. More saturated earth tones.”

Think fall colors. Those chocolate brown and green shakes. Yellow mustard and burnt orange.

“The color I’ve seen a lot this year in particular is a purple-brown type of eggplant,” says Hoehler. “There seems to be an embrace of colors that are still found in nature but are less expected this year, such as mahogany and burgundy.”

Include rugs for warmth

You might want to consider putting up something warmer underfoot in places where it’s fun to walk barefoot in the summer, says Hoyler.

Adding runners or smaller area rugs in densely populated rooms that usually have cooler floors — such as the kitchen or bathroom — can be a nice touch.

“This is just a simple way to add some texture, color, and warmth to these spaces,” says Hoehler.

Add some layers

Who said fall layers are just for fashion? There’s no better time to embrace extra layers inside your home, too.

“Now is a lovely time to make your space feel like one you want to gravitate towards,” says Hoyler. “Bringing that sense of warmth and comfort into the home is part of this season’s transformation.”

You can start with something as simple as a sofa.

It can be as easy as adding a fall-colored throw blanket. Or you can step it up and include some very tactile tweed or velvet pillows.

And if you really want to commit to a change for the season, you can consider painting the wall.

“Perhaps you’d like to upgrade your entryway or choose a feature wall to accentuate it—perhaps around the fireplace,” says Zolma Paul, interior designer at TriVistaUSA, a family-owned boutique design and build firm based in Arlington.

Even if you don’t use a dark color, she adds, there are a handful of colors with warm undertones.

Bring the outside inside

Autumn decor tends to give a room a certain ambiance.

Just as in spring, you can make an exciting statement by bringing some of the season’s best indoors.

“Tree branches are great with their changing leaves, but there are also lots of interesting pods and compositional elements that can be used,” says Hoehler.

It makes a nice focal point on a table or console that really feels big and interesting, she says.

Play with your light

Paul says lighting is the perfect way to create a mood.

“Candles are a really great way to add layers to a room’s ‘experience’,” Hoehler adds. “They add an extra feel and kind of liven up the room.”

You can also upgrade your lighting to a smart lighting system, which allows you to set it to set the mood or set a schedule for when you get home and it’s already dark, says Paul.

Megan Hare is an editor and writer based in the Shenandoah Valley. She graduated with a degree in journalism from Pennsylvania State University.

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