How much does it cost to convert a house to a tech house and re-evaluate the property for more fun?

A variety of digital devices allow home functions to be activated and also maximize occupant safety by preventing accidents (Getty Images)

cause House Technological features are something that follows among those who decide to provide better benefits to the home, as well as by adherents of the ultra-modern. a) yes, For example, any door that turns the lights on or off can be controlled from any digital device with just a few clicks.But An “intelligent” home offers great benefits to those who can rely on a system with these features and live in a “technical home”.

By installing an automation system, all devices connected to the mains can be controlled: Devices, open or close the garage door, remotely coordinate curtains and optimize asset protection,

It is estimated that a home with this device not only improves the quality of the housing, but Increases your property value by 5% to 10%Something that is important at a time when the market is experiencing a deep drop in prices per square meter due to scarce sales opportunities.

Experts agree that new technologies make it possible to 30% energy consumption, which affects better use of water and electricity resources,

Sebastian IconikoffLife2Better CEO told infobae That “the person who invests to convert his house into an automatic home, when it comes to selling or renting, will certainly gain a competitive advantage over another comparable but not automatically”.

Anyone who invests in converting their home into a smart home when selling or renting out their home will certainly gain a competitive advantage over a comparable non-automated home (Econicoff).

Experts agree that security is achieved with the ability of: Open Disaster Prevention ToolLiving in a “Tech House” It is possible to detect smoke, receive alerts due to a normal gas key break or be alerted due to a water outagePrevent further damage.

With just a few clicks or a voice, the panels that control the luminaire’s functions can be turned on or off as needed

,In addition to taking care of your loved ones, but also with the ability to ask for help via voice commands, or by touching a certain key and sending an email to whoever we want.”, Extended Iconikoff.

On the other hand, in addition to closing and securing doors, windows and going hand in hand with technological innovation, the residents of the house are also provided 24 hours in real time through mobile applications and even doorbells with cameras. can be added. Integrated.

“Even these new systems contain artificial intelligence cameras that allow video to be stored in the cloud and automatically recorded based on the needs of each user. It is possible to configure them with analytic rules that generate alerts and notifications when vulnerabilities are detected in our home. The ecosystem of devices has also evolved: there are now products to protect all kinds of environments, motion detectors, some with anti-pet functionality (which can distinguish between the presence of humans and animals), magnetic sensors for each To detect the opening of openings, flood, smoke, among others“, he explained Infobe Clara KennedyADT Company’s innovation and technology manager for the region.

“Technology” Doors and windows can be closed or opened with any modern mobile phone, optimizing the safety of the occupants of the house.

The system can be powered by smart panels and used in shops, homes and buildings Simultaneous dual communicationMaintaining contact with the monitoring center; Glassbreak detectors, automatically arming systems by, among other things, configuring a mobile phone geo-reference rule.

Kennedy, Extended: “Increasingly, both architects and construction companies are integrating extensive systems from the start of construction.resulting in functional units with security as an item highly valued by end users, who are aware at all times, either by triggering alarms, by system failure or to keep calm, watching through HD camera at the son coming home from school”.

The aesthetics of the Smart Panel adapt to any type of environment.

A smart home also has the benefit of reducing energy consumption (Getty Images)
A smart home also has the benefit of reducing energy consumption (Getty Images)

Experts recommend that once the owner has chosen to implement the system, an analysis is carried out to replace the premises, Yes, of course dim (regulated) lights you need to replace the bulband the light box is neutral. If not, it is placed in the ceiling mouth behind the fixture, if so. on off Ditto, without replacing the lamp. It is practical, you just need to open the light box. Iconikoff explained that this is the specific wireless technology “for the automation of intelligent locations. Zeawe is called the protocol and it works on all types of mobile phones, both Android and iOS. Tablet Smart Watch Alexa or Google”.

The systems are 100% wireless, allowing them to be installed in any type of residential environment and to cover an entrance area such as an outdoor area (patio, balcony, terrace or park).

The systems are 100% wireless, allowing them to be installed in any type of home environment and covered outdoors

A typical installation for a 50 square meter apartment takes about 3 hours and a half. takes timeAnd in some cases you have to pay for the installation, sometimes you don’t. Some companies charge a monthly maintenance fee, especially in buildings, of about $3,000. by the department.

reference costs:

The cost of fully automating a two-room apartment is estimated at 250,000 pesos. from,

“Coverage is provided by any device used to automate. They also function as sulfur signal boostersIt is important to clarify that this system does not rely on the Internet or Wi-Fi. Yes, remote access requires internet. In other words, being able to take control of your home from anywhere in the world, explains Sebastian Iconicoff.

Because it is an advanced system, Maintenance free for the first 5 years for the life of the sensor batteryAnd the app will highlight any issues with the resolution wizard.

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