How do you use green or the color of life to brighten up your living room?

Light green, a soft-toned yet vibrant member of the green family, carries the sophistication of the pastels without giving up the vibrant spirit of the color. “The color of life”, as some say, it literally brings us close to nature. Spaces colored in this hue explored the intermediation of bold and sublime statements that conveyed hope and harmony, tranquility and relaxation. Known for enhancing visibility, it can be minimal if streamlined, rustic if worn, luxurious if polished and earthy if left as is. With an assortment of styles to captivate, light green is all a signature home needs to impress, says interior designer Punam Kalra. Create a beautiful light green statement in your home with the tips below:

Breathe life into the color with the greens

Light green is the color of nature itself. Bring it indoors in its purest form as leafy planters or pruned shrubs in ceramic or terracotta planters for a raw, organic look. Cluster them around a corner terrarium or take them along the walls to create a focal point. You can also create an accent wall with an interesting composition of the planters or go directly in front of a living wall with full of light green foliage – experiment the light green hues with succulents such as jade, aloe vera etc or make way for the green flowers of chrysanthemum, daylily etc .

Stimulate the senses with warm textures

Lighter shades are endowed with reflection, casting a shadow that emphasizes the carefully selected textures chosen for any interior. The light green tones radiate a serene beauty with grains, brushstrokes or any other minute detail that gives it character. Bring that character to life with plastered walls with hand-sculpted textures, wall accents with woven decor, patterned tile floors and furniture with brushed metal legs, natural-finish wood panels or rough-cut stone tops. Combine the green elements with warm tones in their original form – make a wardrobe with slats from a green wall, rattan pulls in a green shelf or cushions from pure linen on green metal chairs. Don’t be afraid to exaggerate the warmth of the color.

Stimulate the senses with warm textures

Let the organic atmosphere flow into the textiles

The organic character of light green is taken to another level when it is laid on tropical patterns and wild, untamed details. Suppress these by flowing the patterns with bedspreads, embroidered and appliqué details on textiles or dramatize it with lavish curtains or tapestries and use the layers to create a little hideaway in the interior to spark curiosity in the design language. Choose to keep it all natural with subtle hints of organic materials such as linen upholstery, cotton duvets, jute rugs, wicker baskets, hemp crafts and more that blend seamlessly into the natural green tones.

Enhance the maximalist character with accessories

The subtlety of the light green shade makes it a great choice for the maximalist palettes where various custom details can layer the color. Invite the shine of metallic elements such as gold, silver and even rose gold and create stylized contours of furniture and accessories. Stand out with a stately rococo floor mirror with gold trim or accent at eye level with clean panelling. Choose the custom pieces with an assortment of styles and textures, such as a striking green cabinet with distressed wood panels and polished metal knobs or a green onyx marble background. Go all in on the details – try replacing artwork with hand-painted wall plaques and add lots of artisanal elements with glittering metals, sculpted stones and more to achieve a true maximalist appeal.

Enhance the maximalist character with accessories

Take the freedom of style and the beauty of timelessness in the pale green tones and create a living room that is both cozy and opulent to immerse in.

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