How do you find Chiara Favarone’s red implant in Vampire The Masquerade Swansong

The VTM Swansong Red Implant is an important item to have while on a mission with Galeb. However, VTM Swansong does not release important items. In this case, you should get the implant from one NPC in a group of three. It is essential to access the area they are in and find an opportunity far from the eyes of other people to attack. Here’s an explanation of how to get the . can get VTM Swansong Rescue Chiara Favarone’s Implant and find the passwords.

What is the VTM Swansong Red Implant?

During Galeb’s mission in Scene 6, you will infiltrate the Society of St. Leopold facility to hunt down the leader of the organization. As expected from a secret organization, the place is covered with various security systems. Taking the story further and moving further into the facility will require some implants.

They are used as a means of identifying a person’s level of authority within the organization and, as a result, which rooms are accessible or which doors can be opened. Ultimately, you should get the red implant, the highest level of access. Since there are no spare parts, your mission is to take one from one of the three NPCs. This is how you get the red Chiara Favarone implant.

How to find the red Swansong implant?

VTM Swansong Red Implant can be obtained from a doctor in the Clinic Department

Once you progress through Galeb’s mission to the point where you need the red implant to open a door, you’ll find yourself in a sort of control room with access to three other places: pyre, treasure, and clinic. Take the left route and enter the clinic area. Here you will find Chiara Favarone with her red implant. However, she is out of reach in the experiment room.

To reach her, you must first buy a suit to enter the Experimentation Room. Go to the Locker Room where you can find Dr. Henry’s locked locker. He’s the doctor in the lab. You can try to convince him to give you the password for the locker, but in case you fail, it’s quite easy to find this piece of information if you use our VTM Swansong tips and you pay close attention to notes or computers in the rooms.

Inside the Lab is a memo that says “I have your email. Look at the number of the lucky patient. Signed: Henry”. This is the first clue you should know that Henry’s password has something to do with this “lucky patient”. On the computer in the same room you will find a note written by him about the same patient. Use what you get from this and go back to the locker room to open Henry’s locker.

The next step is to wear the suit you just gained access to and enter the Experimentation Room. Once inside you will see that Chiara is not quite in the room. Only her hands are close to you because she is in a separate room separated by a glass, which is enough because the implants are inserted into people’s hands. Try to get hers and a small cutscene will play, starting the second phase of this mission.

To have another chance to get the Red Implant from her, you need to go to the Cold Storage, right next to the Lab, and get her a cerebellum. It is extremely important to keep in mind what she is asking you about.

Cold Storage is a corridor full of shelves with boxes divided into three sections. The only piece of information Chiara gives is a code: JD-F-03-320. She then mentions that you must bring her the cerebellum of the same person registered with this code. But even after looking at every shelf, you will not find the JD-F-03-320 box. That’s because you have to supplement the code with the other clue she gave you: the cerebellum.

A map on the wall lists the codes for each part of the bodies kept there. If you read it right, you will see that the code for Cerebellum is different. So change the last numbers and find the correct box. After that all you have to do is go back to the experiment room and finally get your red implant.

VTM Swansong Red Implant Solution

VTM Swansong Red Implant - Find Important Clues in Some Documents in the Lab

If you are looking for the short answer to this question, here it is. Open Dr. Henry in the locker room with the 1492 code. Then enter the Experimentation Room, watch the cutscene and then go to the Cold Storage where at the end of the room look for a shelf called Jara Drory and open the box with the JD-F-03-120 code .

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