How do you dress like their resident gang jock greta

I wish I was still in the Tumblr era, because I know I will re-record every gifset their own leagueGreta Gill I Can Have My Little Lesbian Toes. Rockford Peaches’ first primary man – played by irresistible charm by D’Arcy Carden – is exactly the kind of woman I would have let ruin my life when I was on the stage of Strange Awakening, Carson Shaw found herself at the top of the series. We love the loudest mean woman who can flirt as much as she can play ball.

(Is anyone else’s mind playing the way Greta screams? Take me home, Carson In the field in the last episode in an episode????)

Says costume designer Tracye Field The Hollywood Reporter Highly feminine figures are laid out in “fun, cute colors” such as red, purple, and orange. In fact, some of the most striking visual details about Greta aren’t necessarily her flowy floral dresses but rather her red hair and lipstick.

So, first thing first! Before we can get dressed, we should talk about lips. To really steer Greta, you should wear something bold and red but also something that will always be there so it can be seen from the stands on the field (and also so that it doesn’t disappear after some secret hugging). My personal favorite is Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick ($22) in shade besides. But you can also go the lip stain route with Sephora’s Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick ($15) in Cherry Moon. I also love the matte look of Nars Powermatte Long-Lasting Lipstick ($34) in Dragon Girl.

Well, your lips are set. Now let’s get into what to wear their own leagueRaunchy, sexy Greta Gill.

Show to try

I find it funny – and deeply connected – that this is pretty much Greta’s “casual” look other than her peach outfit. That’s what she’s up to experimenting, and in true high-fashion women’s fashion, she does the most, layering those curls under a belted high-waisted sweatshirt and hat with a matching launcher and placket. Cropped half zip polo with closed zip all the way. Women’s sporty look inspired by Spice Spice.

Floral Women’s Festival

My girl Greta has never met a floral V-neck dress that she doesn’t love! And you know what? same. I recently started wearing long V-neck dresses in shades of red to mimic Carla Gugino’s look Chase Hill Houseand Greta add a slightly less haunted and more playful touch to the look. I think in order to really harness that vibe you should probably go the actual old road. But I’ve included some recent picks above. If you want to do vintage research, basically ask yourself “Would this pattern be a very luxurious wallpaper in a low-lit hallway where beautiful women hover in crystal goblets?” And if the answer is yes, then buy it.

As for the design, she notes that despite her high status as a female, Greta wears very little jewelry. This makes the ring she wears from her first love, Dana, all the more significant. You might also wear a ring to remember a long lost love, but if you haven’t, consider a simple statement piece like this adjustable moonstone cuff ring ($49).

How to make a fucking out

Greta’s farewell season finale costume is one of my favorite costume pieces from the entire first season. This deep red! the structure! The fact that Carson’s dress has some touches to it same color, In a sign that even if Carson never leaves with Greta, she carries a piece with her whatever her future may be.

Again, your best bet for a close match is vintage or designer used shopping. I found a lot of companies in The Real Estate. The first option above is an Etsy vintage fleece suit set that’s very close in appearance. But for the more modern and reasonably priced options, I opted for some dark red pieces that exemplify a similar if not exactly 1940s vibe. For the true Greta Gil Suiting Experience™, wear one of these while kissing a woman much shorter than you.

And there you have it! Tbh, the timing is kind of perfect for a Greta-inspired wardrobe fix, because dialing in the drama with some dark red is a great fall/winter move. Next, I’ll tell you how to dress like the lonely Max Chapman. You can expect that thief style next week!

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