Houzz reveals this summer’s new home design trends

Houzz reveals this summer’s new home design trends

Published: August 16, 2022 – Neil Mead

Home renovation and design platform, Houzz.co.uk has identified the best new interior design trends based on the latest search insights* from its community of homeowners, home design enthusiasts and renovation professionals. The trends reflect a focus on durable surfaces that create a seamless transition between inside and out, hotel-worthy, luxurious bedrooms and practical features, with the newly coined terms ‘bootility’ and ‘lootility’ popping up in searches. The report also highlighted an increase in homeowners carving out dedicated spaces, from elevated TV rooms to reading nooks and saunas.

Elevated TV rooms

A place to curl up and relax after a long day is at the top of homeowners’ wish lists, with almost half the searches for ‘snug’ up’ and ‘corner sofas’ up a quarter in searches compared to the previous year. TV and movies are clearly on the agenda in these cozy spaces, with searches for ‘TV room’ and ‘cinema’ both up significantly. In our 2022 trend predictions, our professional community predicted the rise of media storage units, which is sure to come through in searches on Houzz, with ‘media wall’ and ‘TV wall’ jumping 2.5x and 1.5x respectively.

  • Media wall – 187%
  • TV wall – 63%
  • Beautiful – 48%
  • TV room – 46%
  • Cinema – 30%
  • Corner sofas – 24%

Indoor-outdoor space

Creating a seamless transition between indoors and out is an ongoing trend, and homeowners on Houzz continue to find ways to blur the line between their home and garden, with searches for “outdoor kitchen” and “outdoor fireplace” both seeing increasing interest. ‘Sunrooms’ and ‘orangeries’ have also proved popular as homeowners look to find ways to enjoy their gardens all year round. Similarly, homeowners are using large sections of glass to look out onto the garden, particularly ‘Crittal-style’ glazing, which saw an almost three-fold increase in searches or ‘sliding doors’ ending in searches this year.

  • Crittal Style – 199%
  • Sunroom – 56%
  • Outdoor kitchens – 56%
  • Orangery – 35%
  • Sliding door – 21%
  • Outdoor fireplace – 18%

Thinks practically

Convenience is key for homeowners on Houzz, with search terms ‘pantry’, ‘bakery’, ‘utility’, ‘laundry’ and ‘US fridge freezer’ all rising significantly, and the newly minted terms ‘bootility’ and ‘lootility’ with for the first time. As energy prices rise, it is perhaps unsurprising that home owners are looking for alternatives, with searches for ‘solar panels’ increasing by 2x this year compared to the previous year, and ‘heat pump’ appearing on the most searched terms for the first time. With dog ownership on the rise, homeowners are increasingly looking for solutions to ensure muddy paws aren’t carried through the house, with searches for “dog shower” up 1.5 times this year.

  • Solar panels – 100%
  • American fridge freezer – 79%
  • Dog shower – 51%
  • Pantry – 37%
  • Luggage compartment – 36%
  • utility room – 27%
  • Laundry – 20%

Surfaces that last

Speaking of practicality, surfaces also seem to be a focus for homeowners renovating with more durable materials, rising in searches on Houzz. The ‘resin’, ‘cork’ and ‘luxury vinyl tile’ flooring options have all seen significant jumps, with resin in particular up nearly 2x. Plastering techniques ‘tadelakt’ and ‘microcement’ have also grown in popularity as alternatives to tiles, with designers on Houzz predicting a shift away from gray tones to earthy hues. For countertops, quartz remains popular and holds steady in searches, but for those looking for a natural stone option, ‘granite’ is rising in interest, accounting for more than a third of searches on Houzz.

  • Resin floor – 97%
  • Tadelakt – 87%
  • Microcement – 78%
  • Cork floor – 44%
  • Lvt – 39%
  • Granite – 36%

Luxurious bedrooms

Another of our predictions for 2022, creating a luxurious bedroom suite appears to be a priority for homeowners, as Houzz searches increasingly include associated terms such as “headboard,” “built-in wardrobes,” “ensuite,” and ” changing room”. Navy is definitely the color of choice, up to an impressive 3x. And to create that boutique hotel feel, homeowners are turning to paneling, and searches for ‘bedroom paneling’ are skyrocketing on Houzz.

  • Navy bedrooms – 218%
  • Bedroom Panels – 200%
  • Hotel room – 63%
  • Headboard – 33%
  • Built-in wardrobes – 32%
  • Ensuite – 25%
  • Dressing room – 23%

Dedicated rooms

In addition to TV rooms, people are looking to create other dedicated activity spaces in the home, with searches on Houzz for ‘playroom’, ‘indoor pool’, ‘playroom’ and ‘reading corner’ all up more than 1.5x. Wellness continues to be a focus, and it seems that homeowners are looking for options in the home, with searches for ‘sauna’ creeping up on Houzz.

  • Gaming room – 71%
  • Indoor pool – 57%
  • Playroom – 50%
  • Reading corner – 50%
  • Sauna – 21%

You can read the full report by clicking this link.

*Source: Data reflects year-on-year growth in UK-based searches on Houzz from January-March 2022 versus January-March 2021.

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