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Sure, fashion is fun, but have you ever fallen down a big interior design rabbit hole?

Over the past two years, we’ve explored categories beyond fashion, focusing more on beauty and self-care, as well as lifestyle. As a result, luxury retail giant Mytheresa decided it was also time to move the company beyond fashion into its new category: LIFE.

The new category contains a total of 53 brands and is launched today.

With housewares, various decorations, small furniture, lifestyle and tableware, the range has everything you need to take your home to the next level – especially now that so many of us have spent so much time in our humble abodes that it might be time is for a refresh.

Ahead of the launch of Mytheresa LIFE, we had the chance to speak with Tiffany Hsu, VP of Buying for womenswear, childrenswear, and home, to learn more about the move for the company, as well as her own love of interiors.

Torah Norman: What was the biggest difference between LIFE’s launch in the previous fashion categories?

Tiffany Hsu: For both categories it is really important to understand our customers: who are they, what do they like, what is their aesthetic, where do they go on holiday and what excites them? We build our curation around those key points, taking into account different aesthetics and sometimes needs. In that sense, it’s a bit like fashion. However, the challenges are much more for LIFE.

Unique lifestyle brands are harder to find and sometimes they are not set up production wise to accommodate the size of our business. The lead time is much longer and more unpredictable. However, the great thing is that that lifestyle product has a much longer shelf life – you don’t have to work on a 6-month life cycle like in fashion.

TN: How did you go about selecting the brands? Do you have a personal favorite that you’re excited about?

E: We would like to merge seamlessly with the world of fashion and design together with our long-term partners. We have interior design and architecture superstars such as Vitra, Ginori 1735 and Zaha Hadid Design. An eclectic mix of big names and interesting, offbeat craft designers that aren’t that easy to find.

Part of our role is to show customers how many categories come together to create exciting experiences and environments. They want to travel, dine, lounge and exercise in style, so we present tabletops, furniture, decorative objects, travel accessories, pet pieces and many other items that meet these diverse needs.

My personal highlights are Royal Copenhagen, as their glassware is designed to bring more joy into our everyday lives. Ginori 1735 because I love Italy! Full of history and decadence, the brand brings the Italian lifestyle to our homes, turning a simple dinner into an extraordinary journey. Once Milano is another personal favorite – they create linen tablecloths in beautiful colors.

TN: How would you describe your own interior style? How does it differ from your fashion?

E: My living room is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the room with light. I like bowls and glasses that break the light with warm colors. My interior style is very minimal and simple, monochrome with lots of neutral tones. My fashion, on the other hand, is eclectic and I like to mix and match and try new things.

I think it is always helpful to photograph the room and place the object on it. For larger items, I sometimes use similar sized items around the room as placeholders to help me visualize what they will look like. I find newspapers useful for marking out space for tables and benches.

I always try to stick to a certain aesthetic and build on that, create a mood board and get inspiration from Instagram. It’s definitely a longer process than just buying a new bag or the season’s shoes.

TN: Why do you think home accessories/interior is important? Do you think our relationship with the home has changed at all during the pandemic?

E: Our customers do not want to invest in something that is only there today and will no longer exist tomorrow. That’s why we want to offer pieces that they have always admired because of a certain color, material, finish or motif. But if something you’ve always loved suddenly comes into fashion, go ahead and invest in it while the market allows, because you’ll still love it even if there’s something new.

As people are also spending more and more time at home, it might be worth creating an eye-friendly environment for your video calls. Make your work corner stylish and functional. But since getting together is definitely a big trend post-pandemic, dinner parties, weddings and picnics are all about celebration – not only in fashion but also in decorative items!

TN: Finally, what is an indispensable item in your home?

E: When it comes to my house, I like to see and be comfortable. It’s even a little masculine. I like architectural forms and it is mainly about shapes and textures. A Vitra chair in any form is a must for me! A De Sede DS600 sofa is currently on my wish list, as is the Metafora table by Massimo Vignelli.

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