House renovation includes extended ground floor, incredible outdoor living

29 September 2022

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The math and the map both led one Sioux Falls family to the same conclusion: It made more sense to stay in their home for 10 years and remodel than it did to move elsewhere.

“Their family was growing in age and they love their location, they love the layout of the existing home and they wanted to add amenities,” said Jason Seykora, owner of Seykora Remodeling.

“At the prices, they would probably spend twice as much to buy a lot and build a new house and add a pool compared to what it was to remodel.”

Remodeling the southwest Sioux Falls home, the family went 14 feet deep into the home’s cove and completely revamped the main floor.

“The living room grew, the fireplace moved, the kitchen got bigger and we moved the master suite completely to a different area on the main floor,” Seykora said. “We eliminated two bedrooms and a bathroom for a large master closet, bath and bedroom.”

Outside, the home’s grounds were large enough to really deliver a “wow” factor.

Their project included a new pool house with its own bar, bathroom and shower.

The new pool is accompanied by a chipping and putting green and a basketball and pickleball court.

“They had a lot going for it,” Seykora said.

And these owners are far from alone in installing a pool.

“Sioux Falls is in love with pools right now,” Seykora said. “I think it’s the new cool thing for the Joneses to keep up with the Smiths, and that’s the trend we’re seeing right now.”

His project will be one of several on display at this weekend’s Showcase of Remodeled Homes and the Outdoor Living Showcase, put on by the Home Builders Association of the Sioux Empire Inc.

The showcases feature five residential and four outdoor projects across the Sioux Falls metro area.

According to Seykora and other builders, customers are realizing that they won’t get as much for their investment purchase—if they can find anything—as they will stay and improve their home.

Through August, the city of Sioux Falls issued permits for nearly $300 million in residential expansion and remodeling work, up from $160 million at the same time last year.

That demand, combined with persistent material shortages, creates a long construction process.

“We’re probably a year, a year and a half out, so it’s extremely challenging,” Seykora said. “We’re turning away work every day because people don’t understand or aren’t up to speed with this market and the lack of subcontractors and materials.”

Kitchen cabinets that used to take four to six weeks to come in now take six months, he said. It’s a similar story with windows.

“It’s really becoming about the extended delivery times because everything in this business takes so long to get,” he said.

“I would hope that it would ease up at some point … but I don’t know that we’re ever going to go back to the good old days.”

The Outdoor Living Showcase highlights exceptional landscaping and outdoor amenities. And there are a lot of them, Seykora said.

“I think people have finally realized that fall and spring are still good times to be in your garden,” he said. “Speakers are available, Bluetooth is outside, fire pits and heaters and all the fun stuff. You can really get about 60 to 70 days of outdoor living in a season.”

To learn more about the Showcase events, click here.

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