Hot summer weather is a good reason to try indoor gardening

Hot summer weather is a good reason to try indoor gardening

Summer is a good time to try some houseplants and indoor gardening.

Extreme weather this summer has forced landscapers (and gardeners) into survival mode, just trying to hang on until the rain and cooler temperatures arrive this fall. It’s a good time to try houseplants and indoor gardening. Buy seeds and start your own fall vegetable transplants indoors, buy a houseplant like a philodendron, or try growing herbs with an indoor vegetable garden.

For permanent houseplants, choose those that are adapted to low light levels – selection and care is quite different for plants that stay inside the house than typical landscape plants. Some of the hardiest houseplants that work well in most homes include Christmas cactus, philodendron, ficus, pothos ivy, sansevieria, ZZ plant, dracaena, and aglaonema.

Two major factors to focus on with houseplants are light and water. Plants known to be good inside a building are usually tropical plants native to areas with very dense canopy that can handle lower light levels. but all plants need light to grow – and even houseplants need more light than is usually available in the house to grow well and thrive.

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