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(Family Features) Your home’s exterior can say a lot about you and your family while also making a first impression on guests (and potential buyers). Because the curb appeal affects how much potential buyers are willing to spend on a home, it’s important for homeowners to look beyond just choosing the right color for siding and looking at different materials and profiles, adding accents like stone veneer and looking for other exterior upgrades they can Increase beauty and performance over time.

In fact, exterior remodeling projects usually top the list of projects that add the most resale value to homes. According to Remodeling’s 2022 Cost-to-Value Report, nine of the top 10 projects with the best return on cost were exterior renovations.

If you’re looking to sell or just want to increase the overall value of your home, consider these high ROI exterior upgrades from the experts at Westlake Royal Building Products that can improve aesthetics and increase resale value.

the front door

If replacing the front door isn’t necessary, adding a fresh coat of paint is a simple way to update your home’s exterior. You can take your “old” door and make it modern again in a bold, on-trend color. Take it one step further by adding artistic home numbers, new light fixtures or an unexpected door knocker for inexpensive pops of style.

vinyl siding

Refreshing your home’s exterior with vinyl siding results in a 67.2% return on sale, according to the report. When considering new siding, look for high-quality, low-maintenance materials. Depending on where you live, insulated vinyl siding can add additional protection against the elements, as well as increase energy efficiency. While functionality is important, don’t be afraid to make bold choices with color, texture, different textures, and contrasting trims to make a true statement with your home’s exterior.

For example, Westlake Royal Building Products offers a wide range of vinyl siding options in the latest shades, including the addition of five on-trend colors for the RoyalSiding and External Portfolio lines. Inspired by the colors found in nature, shades of gray, blue, gray, brown and green reflect the latest trends in modern exterior home design. Both lines feature patented color protection technology to resist fading, which is especially important for darker shades.

Window or window blinds

Adding or replacing shutters is another easy way to add a little flair and can be a major finishing touch in creating the perfect exterior. With windows and siding playing beautifully in combination with the architectural style and surrounding landscape, it is important to make thoughtful choices and install them correctly to ensure they look and function as designed.

decking compound

Another exterior remodeling project with a high ROI (62.1%), according to the report, is replacing your home’s existing wood deck with composite decking. An option like Zuri Premium Decking combines the natural beauty and warmth of tropical hardwood with the durability requirements and low maintenance of PVC (cellular polyvinyl chloride), which resists stains, scratches, fading and moisture, for a surface that will last for years with minimal maintenance.

column wraps

Give your front porch an instant facelift by wrapping your existing columns with PVC sheets. This is an easy way to get a cleaner, more modern look. Moisture-resistant, PVC column coils prevent problems found in traditional wooden poles, such as warping, rot and insect damage. Available in a variety of ready-to-install patterns, it can also be painted to complement your home’s exterior color palette.

Discover more ideas to increase your home’s beauty and resale values ​​at westlakeroyalbuildingproducts.com.

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