Home interior design tips: Here’s how to brighten up your space with art

Most people tend to ignore art when it comes to styling their spaces and more often than not, it’s the last thing most design houses look at when wrapping up the project. However, interior design experts insist that it should be discussed at the implementation stage.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, interior designer Meenakshi Kapoor said, “Art speaks differently to people and when they want to include it in their space, they have to connect with it. I cannot impose my artistic preferences on you if this art does not resonate with you. It is therefore important to discuss and explore a variety of art from the very beginning.

She suggested, “You may also have artwork from your trip that you would like to explore and then there are heirloom pieces that you have inherited or there may be a saree or silk scarf from your back -grandmother who holds a special place in your heart. Bring your preferences to life with the art you would like to have in your homes and all of this could be kept in mind when considering the space. Also, art should not be limited to entryways or living room and bedrooms only. A work of art in bathrooms, powder rooms, kitchens and balconies all evoke a feeling of warmth and grace.

Stating that art is something that can make or break a space, Sarah Sham, Founder and Principal Designer at Essajees Atelier in Mumbai, advised, “If you have a completely neutral space, the easiest way to add of color is to use a great pop of color in your artwork. I think a lot of people think of art as something two dimensional, but you can also consider something like a wall sculpture that is very dynamic and adds a lot of value to your space.

According to Aradhana Dalmia, founder of The Artemist, the quickest and easiest way to refresh a space is to add new artwork or mix and match existing pieces. She recommended a few tips that can go a long way:

1. Add Paints – Adding paints is the classic method! The art you put up in your home should reflect your personality. You can either commission a piece of art from a famous artist or get something curated for your space. It totally depends on your budget, space and needs.

2. Play with fun art murals – Gone are the days when art was all about hanging a picture on the wall. There are many ways to enhance your space these days, and murals are one of them. Go for something neutral, abstract or traditional, but whatever you choose should be in tune with your aesthetic. You can even have a local artist paint your wall if you don’t want to spend too much.

3. Get Sculptures – A sculpture enhances the space due to its shape and form. There are so many mediums like metal, wood, ceramic, fiberglass just to name a few. It’s a great way to add color and texture to the space. A big statement piece is a great addition to spruce up a space and make it look different.

4. Opt for fine art prints – Digital art prints are loved by all. It’s super affordable and accessible. You can change it whenever you get bored or want to add a new element to your space. One thing you should pay attention to when buying art prints is the quality of the print. Make sure it is not pixelated and the paper or canvas should be of high GSM. Many options are available online.

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