Home Interior Design Tips: 2023 Interior Design Trend Forecast

Interior design trends for 2023 are vast and varied, with some new colors, textures and materials, but most importantly there are new moods, and most of the moods revolve around a spa-like sense of serenity or a fun and patterned decorative boost of joy. For starters, we all want better vision, and part of achieving that is conditioning your brain to think more positively, which you can do by surrounding yourself with things that make you feel happy .

Whatever the trends suggest, 2023 is not just about one style. It’s more or less focusing on being honest and authentic and prioritizing areas that bring you happiness.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Narendra Rahurikar, Managing Director at D’fine Arts asserted that nothing beats coming home to a comfortable setting that grounds you and allows you to completely relax in a world that seems to change all the time, and suggested a few steps to keep your home decor to the tee in 2023 –

  • Focus on well-being: In recent years, well-being has become a focus, and self-care is one of the key elements for improving well-being. Designing your home with the flavor of wellness can set the tone for slowing down and practicing mindfulness. In return, we can function at our best. So you can bet on seeing innovation promote beautifully healthy spaces in the coming months.
  • Shades of primary colors in home accessories: Red, blue and yellow are the primary colors representing body, mind and emotions respectively. Primary colors are loud and unapologetic, with high saturation and will add a playful charm to a room, bringing with it distinctive energy.
  • Sustainability is here to stay: The sustainability movement is stronger than ever. Materials such as bamboo and terracotta are used to access sustainable resources. Refurbishing the existing furniture or painting the walls with non-toxic materials are also some eco-friendly interior design trends that are being used and will be used for years to come.
  • Pure white light: Made of aluminum and painted in a cool white shade, is a perfect example of this interior design trend. It is probably not just a lamp, but also a piece of sculpture. It looks a bit like it’s coming ashore (clear a space on that sideboard).
  • Pattern Game: Introducing more patterns in home decor can embrace the space. We don’t suggest going overboard with over-mixing big, bold prints or overusing prints on all fabrics, walls and carpets. Instead of mixing a patterned wallpaper with a stone, wood or brick floor, having a shape and form, like herringbone or chevron, is a good way to play with patterns without looking chaotic.
  • To place greater emphasis on sourcing and reusing what already exists is to refine the form of design. More specifically, natural, clean lines will take precedence over more intricate alternatives. This, in turn, will also emphasize any ornamentation or detail found in an interior.

Parvez Khan, director of Java Interior, shared, “As a designer, I expect to see more nature in everything, giving new trends a particularly relaxing and cohesive tone. The features, from quartz to organic shapes to warm, neutral hues, are expected to be surrounded of some seriously soothing interiors. The integration of nature into normal interior design homes not only enhances their aesthetics but also gives them a luxurious look.”

He advised: “When millennials seek a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere in their home, adding browns, greens and blues would be a choice. While the other would be to install a small table plant indoors on a dining table or kitchen table.” He insisted that although the number of trends is huge, there are a few explicitly selected themes that could be trendy in 2023 –

  • The use of natural materials for a smooth and organic environment, such as wool, cotton, clay, velvet and ceramics.
  • Background Walls, a dramatic wall that works beautifully for Instagram and work video walls
  • Luxury monochrome, aesthetic and minimal trend with focus on living room, bathroom and kitchen.

Parag Supe, lead designer at Kreon Projects, recommended: “In 2023, look for cocktail cabinets that move and rotate, furniture geared to sit together and be cozy, anything that’s a little playful and glamorous and dramatic. Furniture designers have discovered the ability to bring people back together, and this new era in furniture design sees a range of seating options all about encouraging the art of personal conversation.A simple seating arrangement with curved, cozy seating that allows two people to sit apart, but with the feeling that they are still next to each other. It is neither a sofa nor two individual chairs.”

He highlighted: “Reclaimed or vintage-inspired patterns are more popular than ever. You can bring a touch of it home. Use on its own or pair with solid-coloured tiles for a more understated aesthetic. Hideaway home offices are now on trend as chic WFH stations are now being disguised. To the unassuming eye, they’ll look like a drinks cabinet, a writing desk, or maybe a wardrobe. But what they’re hiding are all your workloads and loads and papers and scraps.”

The expected interior design trends in 2023 are quite balanced, as some lean towards interior design or decoration, while others target neat, uncluttered, luxury aesthetics. So refresh your space with these 2023 predictions.

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