Home Improvement Trends in the Era of COVID-19

CLEVELAND, 7 July 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Home improvement activity is an important aspect of the building and construction industry, so a study of consumer trends can provide insight into marketing and product development opportunities.

A new report from the Freedonia Group features analysis and data-driven discussions of various parts of the home improvement industry, including a look at home ownership rates, buying patterns, demographic trends and other consumer insights.

This report includes analytics, data, trends, and custom crosstabs using two research resources:

  • data from The Freedonia Group’s proprietary national online survey conducted from February 2021, June 2021, August 2021October-November 2021November-December 2021and February 2022
  • data from syndicated national consumer survey results from MRI-Simmons Fall Reports 2011-2021

31% of consumers reported doing more DIY projects due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Consumer survey data collected by Freedonia Group i February 2022 and presented in the report shows that more consumers did more DIY home projects due to the coronavirus pandemic than did less DIY compared to pre-pandemic habits. Others noted that their habits had changed, but that they had returned to pre-pandemic habits at the time of the survey.

Activities that saw the biggest increases in 2020 and 2021 included remodeling bathrooms, converting a room into a home office and adding a deck, patio or porch, according to the report. Many people think that remodeling a bathroom is something they can do on a DIY basis. Converting a room into a home office and enhancing outdoor areas fit pandemic-era trends of increased remote work and outdoor entertaining at home.

In addition, the share of respondents who expected to undertake a remodeling activity in the next 12 months also saw solid increases across categories in 2020 and 2021. This increase could include projects delayed in 2020 or in 2021 due to uncertainty or the inability to obtain materials or labor necessary to complete the project in the expected time or at the expected cost.

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Home Improvement Consumer Insights is now available from the Freedonia Group.

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