Home decor: Twinkle Khanna suggests easy ways to style ‘a multitasking guest bedroom’

Many of us have a guest room in our homes, which more often than not are inundated with non-essential necessities and things we don’t use regularly. However, it comes in handy when guests come to visit or we need a room to work in the middle of the current work from home scenario. So it is essential to keep the room not only neat and tidy, but also functional.

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While it may seem difficult to make it look presentable in the short term and decorate an entire room yourself, worry no more as Twinkle Khanna has shared some simple tips to “make a multitasking guest room“, in a video posted by Tweak India.


“You need a clean slate to start. So start by emptying the room first, packing things that are not used often and to donate/sell things you don’t use anymore,” she began to say.

*while buying furniture for the room, be sure to keep the accurate measurements handy, suggested Twinkle. “The only mistake people make is buying furniture without checking whether it fits. Don’t even reach for your debit card without measuring everything, and there are many apps online that can help you arrange your furniture in a particular room. You can also try the old-fashioned way and draw pinstripes on the floor yourself.”

* The first thing she advised to buy was: a sofa bed. “This is a smart investment for Indian homes that don’t have a lot of space,” she said.

Add some pillows and throws (Source: Pexels)

*For people new to interior design, according to her, it’s best to stick to the neutral color palette for your headwear. “To introduce color and texture, you can add lots of pillows and throws. Remember to keep the same color palette throughout the room,” she suggested.

*Then you can also add a few side tables and mount some showpieces on them.

* “An insider tip that most interior designers love is applying textures,” Twinkle revealed. “I wanted to introduce some natural elements into this space, so I bought this colorful one jute baskets online. They are quite popular right now and fairly cheap.”

*If you can drive some nails into the wall, make sure you do it in a way that keeps the nails apart so you can keep changing the art, she suggested.

Scented candles can give your space a luxurious look. (Source: Pexels)

*Then Twinkle arranged a table that could be used as a study table or workstation. She populated it with books, plants, candles, and small showpieces. “Add a scented candle is the easiest way to make a space feel really luxurious. Never leave a candle unattended, especially if you have children or pets. Cut the wick before lighting it and keep it away from walls,” she said.

*What kind of books should you keep in this beautiful space? “Keep books that are easy to read. I would recommend these three books – Art is important by Neil Gaiman, In other rooms, other wonders by Daniyal Mueenuddin and Ikigai by Francesc Miralles and Hector Garcia,” she concluded.

Your beautiful and functional guest bedroom is ready!

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