Home Decor Trends for Fall/Winter 2022-23

This fall winter season is one to enjoy and celebrate. With two pandemic years behind us, we are moving towards a post-pandemic reflection of ethos, an exploratory mood and a personal style in our spaces. This season is about experimenting and not being limited to binary ideas of what a house should be.

Fall Winter 2022-23 will see a longing and a longing for things that are timeless and add a touch of nostalgia to our environment. “With so much progress across the planet in recent years, it’s no surprise that an increasing number of individuals desire a sense of comfort, timelessness, or even a touch of sentimentality in their homes. From combining designs, avoided or flanged furniture and the consolidation of antique pieces, this new year is connected with respecting our foundations and traditions,” said Nidhi Aggarwal, founder of Spacemantra.

Individuals are beginning to understand that they can live with less, especially after the Covid year. “Individuals will begin to scale down, or stay in their current homes and become imaginative about how their spaces can be multifunctional. For example, by turning your front room into a sub-office or by converting your office into a fitness room,” adds Aggarwal.

That said, we all love classic fall trends. They provide a fresh way to decorate our home for the fall season. Here are some must-have home decor trends to get your space ready for a cozy winter.

Brighten up your home in fresh colors with pillows and plaids

Bring the autumn mood into your home with colorful elements such as pillows, rugs and throws. They will completely transform the space. “Choose a statement piece that will inject a burst of vibrant vitality into a space with clean white walls and neutral essentials like a sofa and coffee table. Everything from fall-colored couch cushions to a vibrant rug can be considered,” said Heny Savla, designer, Livspace.

Add as many accessories as you want

An easy method to brighten up a color design in the living room is to add colorful accent pieces; adding accessories instantly expands the space. “Moving your accent items around every corner can change the look. You can transform your color scheme by choosing a bold fall accent color to add through accessories,” says Savla.

Add fresh flowers on console tables and side tables

An easy way to brighten up any area of ​​the house for the season is to swap out summer bloomers for fall-inspired blooms. For the ideal fall table covering, use arranged stems on console and side tables. You can also give a cheerful touch to your autumn coat. Opting for luscious flowers in rich reds, greens, and oranges will instantly make your home feel like a fall.

Use authentic wood

Wood in modern interiors is a reinterpretation of pre-existing concepts such as striking walls, high beams, finished ceilings and treated floors. “Wood, with its earthy glow and natural texture, organically adds sincerity to homes where steel and concrete have become commonplace. It enhances contemporary spaces with an inspiring sense of rustic,” said Paushika Gupta, Architect & Interior Designer and founder of Paushika Gupta Architecture + Design.

Woven elements

Woven materials have a moment in everything from interior design to fashion. Whether you prefer a bohemian, traditional or minimalist aesthetic, there is a way to incorporate some natural texture into your life. “When shopping for woven furniture, make sure it’s made of quality materials that will withstand everyday wear and tear,” Gupta adds. Soft, natural elements add depth and dimension to your contemporary space, while also complementing your woven pieces beautifully.

Bring a wonderful scent into your home

One of the most overlooked aspects is the smell. The sense of smell has a strong association with our memory and moods. “Scented candles, reed diffusers, potpourri, air fresheners and fragrance nebulizers affect how you feel when you enter your room on cold evenings. Scents with earthy, warm and woody notes give your home a sense of comfort and relaxation,” said Kiran Ranga, MD, Ripple Fragrance & Master Fragrance Creator. Vanilla, lavender, apple cinnamon, and amber are good choices to make your home smell like vacation.

Use mood lighting all day instead of general lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of creating a beautiful space. While nothing beats natural light, indirect lighting enhances a space. Use mood lighting instead of general lighting throughout the day.

Candles bring life to every corner they are placed

The subtle golden tones, beautiful looks and soothing aromas are what really add so much to anyone’s interior, be it any style. “Dining tables, foyer, side tables and console tables are the most popular placements. We believe that lighting candles virtually anywhere in the house can completely enhance the atmosphere and atmosphere of the place. So feel free to experiment with your home decor and let the candles bring life and light to every nook and corner of your home,” said Vineet Arora, founder and CEO of Rad Living.

Add photo frames to the blank wall

Photos not only capture fond memories and fleeting moments with loved ones, they can also be added to a blank wall to brighten up the corners of your home. Add a mix of colored, black and white and sepia toned reminders to instantly add a unique warmth to your space.

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