Here’s how to infuse blue and gold tones into your wedding décor

After a long influence of pastel tones, people are finally starting to adopt offbeat but royal tones like blue in their wedding décor. Right from cyan and navy to royal blue and aqua, there are various shades of this rich shade that can be incorporated into your D-day décor and can be complemented with champagne gold for a cool and subtle color palette. Not only does it look decent, but it also exudes elegant and sophisticated vibes when paired well with other regal items. While mashed pastel and beige accents are pretty simple, making a statement from these deep and dark tones takes a bit more skill. Here we present you different ways to decorate your wedding décor with a mix of gold and blue tones for a sophisticated touch.

Blue satin curtains for an elegant and sophisticated look

Satin curtains look royal and add a touch of whimsy to your decor. To mix the look well, pair it with white seat curtains and fluffy pillows and it will surely do all the wonders. You can place intricate champagne gold-inspired prints in the curtains to accentuate the look. Complement the curtains with large lamps to create a distinctive look.

Theatrical setting inspired by Moroccan typography for a royal touch

Traditional Moroccan prints are a perfect blend of blue and white tones that represent calm and serenity. The pop of Moroccan-inspired prints reflects an opulent vibe along with a hint of traditional vibes. Aladdin lanterns can also be accompanied with such prints to give a touch of richness.

Imperial Footprint Gold Seats

Gold stools not only visually attract your guests, but also transform your D-day décor more lively, cool and luxurious. You can coordinate the color of the seats with the backdrops, and a little gold sparkle on the sides works like the cherry on top. Gold table tops are complemented by some floral accents and dried leaves, or elegant crafts like golden bells on the ceilings or small floor lamps to make the best of it.

Imperial Footprint Gold Seats

Golden jalal for a great look

Gold leather with delicate carvings can bring a cool look to your decor. Moreover, they are available in multiple styles including geometric designs or traditional symmetry so that you can choose according to the theme you prefer. Gallic gold champagne patterns show traditional and luxurious vibes while making your place absolutely stunning and luxurious.

Get creative with your day’s décor and bring in oomph, and set the tone with blue and gold tones.

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